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With all the hype surrounding Diablo 3, it would be easy to feel let down if the game didn’t quite match up. With the amount of time put into producing the game, as well as the enormous buzz following news of its release, details could be easily exaggerated, leaving a player with expectations far higher than the game could ever hope to reach. Duke Nukem Forever, for example, was released after fifteen years of development, after being constantly postponed and delayed. By the end, fans were left anticipating a game that would compensate for all fifteen years and make all their wildest Duke Nukem dreams come true. What they got was a game that, while entertaining in its own right, had outdated gameplay elements fifteen years outdated. It just didn’t live up the expectations that players had set.

Meanwhile, Diablo 3 meets all expectations, and even went to so far as to exceed them. The game is fun to play, whether solo or with friends, the graphics are beautiful, in in comparison to the previous games, the mechanics are much more streamlined, the story more immersive. When people wanted game of the year, I think it’s safe to say that most people got just that. But enough sucking up, it’s time to review Diablo 3.
-Loel J

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jamesensor2373d ago

"Meanwhile, Diablo 3 meets all expectations,"


chak_2372d ago

At first I agreed with 9/10.

Now i'd give it 7 or something around that.

AH breaks the whole game, classes are not balanced (barb & monk in inferno sucks), lots of security flaws, always online DRM...