Punch Jump: Wii U Pro Controller a solid peripheral in preview

Nintendo Co. this month demonstrated the new Wii U Pro Controller at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

The new controller, to be sold as a separate peripheral for the hardware, includes a standard set of buttons and triggers found in default next-generation controller configurations.

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Bleucrunch2373d ago

I love this controller has it gives an alternative for gamers who want a more traditional gaming experience...this controller in my opinion should come with the console when purchased...

live2play2373d ago

i recall nintendo said it was a seperate peripheral

Bleucrunch2373d ago

dam LOL I was hoping that that was a mis spoke on their part...smh

meganick2373d ago

I'm of the opinion that Nintendo should release two versions of Wii U, one that includes the tablet controller, and a cheaper one that just has the pro controller. That way, people who aren't interested in the tablet controller can still get the system, but also save some money.

ChunkyLover532373d ago

Dang, I'm loving that patented D-Pad on that controller. Nintendo's D-Pad is always beast for fighting games. Cant wait to see a Smash Brother game on the Wii U.

hkgamer2373d ago

The d-pad was good when it was released on the snes. I don't remember a good d-pad on any nintendo devices after that.

Sony's DS2 pad with touch sensitivity was alot better for fighting games to be really honest.

ChunkyLover532373d ago

Nintendo has their D-Pad patented. I have always found their D-Pad to be the best for my own personal preference when it comes to fighting games. I don't see how Sony's D-Pad would even work on some games, its not even fully connected.

I guess we all have our own opinions though.

HalfNerdHalfAmazing2373d ago

Since I'm used to the Xbox 360 controller I don't like that the buttons are under the joy stick

svoulis2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

While interested I am kind of worried to see how I can adapt to the face buttons being under the thumbstick.

Strange but I still really wanna try it.

Ulf2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

Why does everyone go out of their way to state how this vanilla design, mediocre ergonomics controller is so great... you have to pay extra for it, I thought?

What is so great, comparatively, next to other controllers?

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