First Unreal Engine 4 game will launch next year -- Epic

The very first game powered by the recently revealed Unreal Engine 4 will be released next year, Epic's vice president Mark Rein has said.

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GamingPerson4189d ago


we will see. I really think UT4 should be a high end pc exclusive even if it's f2p.

This series needs to come back to life.

Old hardware need go away now.

Cajun Chicken4189d ago

Hope that's the case and this time, bring the ladder back!

konnerbllb4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

I'm tired of gears games. I think the series needs a rest.

Mariusmssj4189d ago

I really can't wait to see what they do!

BattleTorn4189d ago

But did they say whether it'll be on currect tech?

KontryBoy7064189d ago

I just hope it's on new consoles.

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Check out this Incredible Batman 1989 Fan Project

Tim Burton’s vision of Gotham brought to life by passionate fans.


Link won't work as I've had to change the site domain due to potential trademark disputes! Please use the alt source!

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Gridknac940d ago

Wow! That is badass. WB needs to make this happen now.

WoodsRatesGames940d ago

Right? Thanks for checking it out!

Minute Man 721939d ago

Fans??? This is done by one person

WoodsRatesGames939d ago

Someone else was commissioned to do the music and another person modelled the batmobile. Links to all involved are included in the article.

Gaming4Life1981939d ago

They should have been made a batman game for the best batman movie. This looks amazing and now I must watch the movie.

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Star Wars Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight Unreal Engine 4 Remake recreates Rimmer's Rest

YouTube's 'ackehallgren' has recreated the Rimmer's Rest from Star Wars Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight in Unreal Engine 4.

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Unreal Engine 4 RTX Tech Demo available for download

NVIDIA and Epic Games have released an official Unreal Engine 4 RTX Tech Demo.

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Magog959d ago

Am I crazy or is there an Unreal Engine 5 now? Why promote old tech?

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waverider959d ago

I really dont understand either? isnt the Unreal Engine 5 already available for studios? arent they already working with it?

masterfox959d ago

UE5 Is for PS5 only, deal with it! :D

***runs away from this thread with pride!**

Tacoboto959d ago

UE5 is not released yet and developers for years will still make UE4 games because that's where their tools and customizations are.

Mortal Kombat still uses UE3. Mass Effect Legendary Edition is also still UE3.

Magog959d ago

That more of an embarrassing indictment of those devs than a reason to promote old software.

Tacoboto959d ago

Embarrassing indictment? You know nothing of software development then.

Spenok959d ago (Edited 959d ago )

Because a ridiculous amount of the industry still uses 4, and because no, 5 is not out yet. They said it would launch later this year.

AuraAbjure959d ago

Companies still use Unreal Engine 3.