E3 2012: Gears of War: Judgment Hands-on Preview (

One of the leading franchises of E3 2012 was Gears of War. The newly announced Gears of War: Judgment turned more than a few heads at the show due to its surprise announcement just days before the expo began. This game features Damon Baird as the main protagonist and he is accompanied by series fan favorite character Augustus Cole. The single player story is set 15 years before the events of the first installment of the Gears of War series and it will also feature multiplayer. We were able to get our hands-on on a new multiplayer mode called Overrun over the course of E3 and all we have to say is… WOW!

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TheSuperior 2372d ago

The overrun mode sounds so cool. I want to play this game now! Does anyone know if it is a 2012 release? lol

ChunkyLover532372d ago

Its set for an early 2013 release. I'd guess Feb, March or April.

TheSuperior 2372d ago

Thanks I was hoping for earlier date but there's plenty of other great games coming out until then. I'll say ubisofts lineup has been looking pretty strong!

TheGrimBunny2372d ago

After playing this at E3 I actually cannot wait to get this game... when I saw it at first it did not seem all that great but after you play it, it is a whole different story.

Honest_gamer2372d ago

cant wait for this game, hope there is no flashback maps this time or if there are, at least be free >.< or 400 points like the last one

TheGrimBunny2372d ago

No I think they are going to go a different route with the developers being the team who did Bulletstorm (PeopleCanFly)


I really wanna see what the multiplayer is like!!! CHICKS DIG THE BAIRD!

gaminoz2372d ago

I don't mind another Gears game, but it isn't one that I'm dying to have, as it isn't looking innovative or upgraded. I loved the RAAM's DLC though, so this should be fun.