Wii U Initial Opinions: Judging the Details

#Random breaks down the details we know about the Wii U and struggles to find an opinion on the console itself. Instead, in this opinion piece, #Random grades the details of the system.

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Bleucrunch2324d ago

This was a wonderfully written piece on an opinion of the state of the WiiU.

1. I couldn't agree more with the notion that Nintendo is trying to cut corners with the Hard Drive...I mean come on Hard Drives are ridiculously cheap now a days so Nintendo would just be insulting our intelligence by putting a hard drive with a limited amount of storage on it. But as large a hard drive (I am thinking 200gb and above) and still have the option of the external hard drive.

2. Achievements I am not too crazy about as well but man o man do they make some games just that more interesting sometimes. A mario game with some achievements would be rather nice in my opinion but not a deal breaker if not implemented.

3. The MiiVerse...uuum I guess that is for people who like that sort of stuff doesn't tickle my fancy because it looks too kiddie to me but to each his own. I fully agree that their should be a moderator but if it takes 20 minutes for a post to be will deter a whole mess of people from joining in on the conversation.

My biggest issue with Nintendo is the fact that they still have yet to implement an online community that allows for headset talk, how does Nintendo expect onw to buy a multiplayer game with no ability to speak to anyone mid game... do you guys remember Smash Bros Brawl's concept of chatting during a game....ULTIMATE will be very difficult to yell out commands from a keypad...NO Nintendo this will not do.

jacen1002324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

The internet is a great tool for knowledge you should use it sometime
and i disagree about the Hard drive , there is no need to put extra heat,cost on the system with a hard drive they are not infinite why seal one in a box you are devaluing it if u ask me the console is more bullutproff without the hard drive sealed inside it and also keeps it smaller

Bleucrunch2324d ago

I do not remember Nintendo every confirming that their indeed will be use of a headset, if they did I never saw nor read about it. The article says a MadCatz headset but does Nintendo have their own headset to show case with the console. Sony and Microsoft have headsets for their consoles and MadCatz as an option for third party headsets for those that want a different kind and feel to it. Show me an article that stats Nintendo has confirmed headsets for their WiiU and you will have a valid point that proves me wrong until then please keep comments like that to yourself.

As far as the hard drive is concerned, you are suggesting that when people purchase a WiiU they also have to purchase an external hard drive because the system does not come with one that is satisfactorily sufficient enough to handle the downloads that they offer...I look forward to Nintendo explaining that to paying customers.

Blastoise2324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

Speaking of an online community. Did anyone else notice the lack of details about Nintendo's online service "Nintendo network" working on the Wii U at E3 this year?

Bleucrunch2324d ago

lack on Network, lack of specs, lack of price...not starting off well in my book. Hope that changes with Time.

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jacen1002324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

Headset with mic? let me think the mic is for decoration?
it dosent take a brain surgeon to figure that one out

TheRealist2324d ago

Bring us more games that look & play better Nintendo.. If u do that, i will buy wii u.. I dont care about HD miis or any of that cutesy nintendo land mini game stuff.. Confirm upgraded releases that PS3 & 360 gets & im in.. Not just a handful