E3 2012 Hands-On Impressions: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

8bitfix: On the final day of E3 there was one game I wanted to make a sprint for above all others. That was for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Sure enough when the doors flew open I made a sprint towards the booth. I was among the first to get in line to try it out. If I had waited longer, well I would have waited longer to try it. The line grew longer in a matter of minutes.

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Bleucrunch2322d ago

As a huge Metal Gear Fan I am very adamant against this game and how it could potentially ruin a great franchise. A part of my wants this game to fail and fail miserably so that Konami would NEVER again try this. But the other part of me will do his best to try and keep and open mind about it and for those of you who do purchase this game hopefully get a great experience that you enjoy the heck out of. Until then as a wise man once said..."He who dares, WINS."

Summons752322d ago

keep you mind open. If you think this game is a bad idea then you must think metal gear solid 4 is a bad game because Raiden is doing the exact same thing in that game. The story is written by Kojima productions so we know it will be full of metal gear goodness, and the gameplay is by platinum games who has only made amazing games. KP only asked PG to do the game because they knew they couldn't make the game they wanted too, as well as have it say in a Japanese devs care. Everything looks great about this game and you do have to option to approach some situations with stealth.

Bleucrunch2322d ago

I believe this game was in the hands of another developer before it went to platinum games. Again while I think it is a bad idea, that shouldn't be a reason for others who look forward to the game to play it, I for one will not and that is ok their a plenty of others who disagree with me and will purchase this game, kudos to them. I see by your response we are on opposite sides on this matter, I hope when you purchase it you will "enjoy the heck out of it." I didn't mean to insult anyone who will purchase this game by my comment.

Urbz78702322d ago

Looking forward to this game :).

TheRealist2322d ago

I wonder if Wii U will get this