New Halo 4 TV ad

UNSC INTEL REPORT: Watch at half-time in the England vs France EURO 2012 match (kick off 1700) to see the new Halo 4 TV ad. Features never-before-seen live action footage of Master Chief.

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Paradicia2597d ago

Can't wait to see the full 90 minute feature. I know it's going to be split into 15 minute webisodes, but it'll be nice to watch in scene parity with each other. The LE comes with the dvd :)

nukeitall2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

Wait, this will be 90 minutes? Comes in the LE?

Dang! Glad I pre-ordered Halo 4 LE at Best Buy with a $20 Certificate check back making it closer to $80! Even got a cool 11x17 sized lithograph.

user54670072597d ago

I'd rather then just release it on Youtube for free then adding it to the limited edition, it's going to happen anyway...someone will do it. It was a waste of a item to include in the edition

Damn...I wish they did a Legendary Edition

nukeitall2597d ago

I would prefer it to be on a specialized disc with HD for Xbox 360 or even a download code for Zune than on DVD.

It's sounds pretty cool, so why not include it?

The real value of the LE is really the extra game content, than the actual movie though.

Whore_Mouth2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

Actually the "Forward Unto Dawn" web series directors cut with an additional 15 minutes will be a high definition download with the purchase of the Limited Edition, not on a disk. What I have read is that it will only be available on Halo Waypoint on the 360 dashboard, just like the "Making of Halo: Reach" when you bought the limited edition for it.

I'm happy that it's up to a 1080p download, but I would like to be able to store it on my CPU.

This advertisement is actually just a stand alone story arc. The actual movie will have mostly physical sets instead of green screens.

xCaptainAmazing2597d ago

Halo, in my opinion, has always had and will always have the best marketing.

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Tundra2597d ago

That was a pretty cool ad. I'm not a major fan of Halo but it's pretty enjoyable. I have H3 and Reach, I mind as well get 4.

BatRastered2597d ago

Never before seen? I'm pretty sure that's the same stuff from the E3 trailer last week (dated Jun 4 on youtube).

Whore_Mouth2597d ago

It is, but with at least 20 seconds cut from it. I guess that makes it new?

AO1JMM2596d ago

I'm loving the look of this game so much. That scene with the Infinity crash landing is awesome.