NPD Figures Reveal PlayStation 3 is Still Floundering

1/18/2008 - Stevie Smith of M&C writes:

"When it comes to the ever-increasing performance and value of the videogame industry, 2007 certainly did its utmost to put pay to any lingering doubts put forth by frowning detractors. With all three home console hardware players now firmly up on their gaming feet, and the latter half of 2007 exuding hit after hit after hit in the run up to Christmas, gaming continues its rise as a mainstream entertainment medium."

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wageslave4792d ago (Edited 4792d ago )

Well, thats an interesting take on the PS3 failure. Too bad for the PS3 that everyone pretty-much agrees that the Xbox 360 will have its best year yet in 2008.

aceman74792d ago

With what exclusive games?

Xbox is the BEST4792d ago (Edited 4792d ago )

check the list I believe that they are 40 exclusives.

cmrbe4792d ago

The list is very good. I am sure the x360 will have a good year as well but it will not be as good as the PS3 this year. Alot of the great games on that list are also on PS3.Weather the x360 will have a better 2008 than 2007 is a good 50/50 chance. There are two things working against the x360. 1 there is no Halo FPS in 2008. 2.The competition from Sony will be extremely fierce this year compare to last year. On the Plus for x360 is the chance that MS might finally have fix the hardware issue which plague the x360 last year. 2 The x360 will see a price drop. 3. There seems to be alot more titles coming out this year compare to last year that appeals to all gamers. Either way. I have no doubt that the PS3 sell more than x360 for 2008 because of the returning heavy hitters the PS2 fans have been waiting for as well as the lowered price PS3.

mikeslemonade4792d ago

You're crazy to expect PS3 sales to rise just because the year turned from 2007 to 2008. The games are coming just not January 1st to 18th. The first is Burnout then DMC4. Warner doesn't jump to blu-ray until March or so and the hype is going to create just a small jump in sales until Warner actually becomes exclusive right now it isn't currently. After GDC PS3 will start snowballing as Sony has the best conference once again and Microsoft and Nintendo underdelivers in GDC.

InMyOpinion4792d ago (Edited 4792d ago )

The 360 will get it's exclusives for free since games sell much better on it than on other platforms. Believe me, developers and publishers take note of the sales numbers. It's no coincidence games like DMC IV went multi.

Snukadaman4792d ago

Alot of good games there....some I never heard of...great list.

The Brave 14792d ago

These stupid X-girls fail to mention the Ps3 is gaining on the 360 worldwide.360 did not even beat the ps2 in 2007.It sold less units in 2007 than 2006 despite being cheaper and having their supposedely best line up ever.There is no way the 360 will beat the PS3 in 08.PLAY BEYOND and GO BLU !

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mavent4792d ago

WHy is the PS3 outselling the xbox360 globally if it's "still floundering"?

Hatchetforce4792d ago

Why is the PS3 beating 360 sales at the same time in it's life yet no one said the 360 was floundering at the same age? Article = bias BS that is afraid of what everyone knows is beginning to occur.

The outdated and already obsolete 360 is starting down the green mile while the PS3 is packing up to move into the governor's mansion. Sorry, no midnight phone calls, no stay of execution, and no mystical power outtage. Sony is using a firing squad, not the electric chair.

Kain814792d ago

There are Games like Getaway3, Killzone2, Resistance2, Shadow of Colossus2, MGS4+Online, LBP, GT5, Motorstorm2, The Agency, Free Realms (Free MMORPG), FF13+Versus, Siren 3, White Knight story, Yakuza3, and many more its toooooooo much

pwnmaster30004792d ago

alot of dose games is coming out on the ps3 and alot of some of those game is not even coming to 360 like haze and Tales of vesperia. and why dose it say only on xbox wen is coming out on pc

Spike474792d ago

sure the xbox360 will have it's best year in 2008.

With exclusives such as gears of war 2,ninja gaiden 2, Alan wake, and halo wars.

4 exclusives and I think mass effect will come in 2008 too but here's the list of promising ps3 titles:

killzone 2
resistance 2
and ff13 and ffversus 13.

All of these games will boost ps3 sales dramitically.

7 beats 4 any day my friends.

Hatchetforce4792d ago

Gears of War 2 is not an exclusive as of this point in time. MS owns the publishing rights to Gears of War 1, not the IP and Epic is free to take 2 and 3 to any console or consoles they want.

alster234792d ago (Edited 4792d ago )

also sony has 20 unannounced exclusives and another price cut thanks to productions costs. and with rumors like bioshock, crysis, and mass effect that seem so true there bound that one of them will be confirmed.

edit: not that a price cut is confimed but it seems obvious

Hatchetforce4792d ago

Disagree is you want. But you single console 360 owners are about to become the b1tches of the gaming world.

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