Sony’s Biggest Missed Opportunity at E3

Joel Taveras writes, "Ever since Nintendo announced their plans for a dual-screen console at last year’s E3, PlayStation fans have fantasized about a similar feature using the more than capable combination of the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Vita. Now that this year’s E3 is behind us, any chance that Sony had to make an announcement about something similar coming to PlayStation has come and gone. Why did Sony completely ignore asymmetrical gameplay at this year’s E3? And why should it be considered their biggest missed opportunity of the show?"

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live2play2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

because a ps3 doesnt come with a psvita and vise versa
developers will have a tough time deciding to make a big game out of it because not everyone that owns one owns the other
with the wiiu a tablet controler comes packaged in

i loved what they did with allstars that some play on vita some on ps3 its awesome and i dont think the 3ds is strong enough to do that

i expect big games to come to vita but like all big games
people are fast to doom

MastaMold2320d ago

@ CaCI, agreed i have made friends thru Near app and some dont own a PS3 plus theres stiil Gamescom and TGS for Sony talk about PS3 PS Vita interaction moving forward and most likely when they announce PS4

PHOSADRA2320d ago

I'm tired of people saying Sony's Move is a copy of the Wii Mote.

Quoting the article " What I’m having trouble understanding is how with the PlayStation Move — a much more obvious “me too” peripheral" End Quote

There are videos of similar tech from Sony thats demoed on the PS2.

kneon2320d ago

And here is one of the patents showing the Move wand, filed almost 12 years ago.

kneon2319d ago

It's funny how I get disagrees every time I post links to these patents. I guess it's just fanboys in denial that can't stand the fact that Sony was working on what would become the Move even before the PS2 launched.

AtomicGerbil2320d ago

Let's look at it this way, if Sony had announced similar features the web would be alight with plagiarism articles. Even though owners of PSP & PS3 have been aching for cross platform goodness and Sony have teased and to a small degree scratched the surface in the past, it would still be a no win situation.

Hicken2320d ago

Because the cool thing this generation is to hate on Sony.

Who cares if Sony's been working on this for a decade? Who cares if Sony fans have been asking for this for years? Who cares if Sony had the potential for this feature before someone else made it standard? They're just copycats.

Nobody's accusing the Wii U of being a variation of remote-play, but that could certainly be argued. It's only an issue because Sony could do/is doing something similar.

live2play2320d ago

oh boo hoo poor sony
i dont see you jumping out on all the hate on nintendo

and "Nobody's accusing the Wii U of being a variation of remote-play" because its just plain dumb
nintendo brought the idea of DUAL SCREENS
from the NINTENDO DS

they even did it with the gamcube gameboy advance

Hicken2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

That's mostly because I stay out of Nintendo-related articles, genius. If I'm not there, I can't comment, can I? Even so, I DO condemn the unnecessary Nintendo hate.

Oh, and since one of the first things we were told about the Wii U controller was that you could potentially play the game on the controller while someone else used the TV... sounds like remote play, doesn't it?

Dual Screen ANYTHING was probably first done by PC, and while the applications were somewhat different, the concept was there.

Nobody's trying to take anything away from Nintendo. And nobody is giving any other console maker the hell that Sony has been subject to this generation. But I bet you're one of those people that sees it as simply a ridiculous "conspiracy" that fanboys thought up.

Edit: and while you say you don't see me standing up for Nintendo, here I am decrying- though briefly- just such a thing RIGHT UNDER YOU.

AtomicGerbil2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

Interestingly I'm right below you, also technically offering a defensive stance on that article.

live2play2320d ago

nintendo implemented the idea of the nintendo ds to home console
ds stands for DUAL SCREEN
and they even tried it way back when with the gba gc

AtomicGerbil2320d ago

Reinforces my point exactly.

PHOSADRA2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

Not Quite they had Game And Watch