Grab a PSVita from Zavvi for just £165


Zavvi are flogging the Wi-fi version of the PS Vita for £169.95, saving £60 on the normal retail price.

It’s even cheaper via HUKD, where they suggest using the code ‘CONSOLE’ to get it for £165. That includes free delivery, too, so it’s pretty much a bargain.

If you’re yet to grab a Vita, perhaps now is the time?

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sarydactl2318d ago

Keep in mind! This is not a deal for US residents. This comes out to about $260 USD, a little more than the regular US price.

Nice find for other regions, tho~

MoonConquistador2318d ago

[email protected] - As much as it was a warning to your fellow US residents, it also highlights how much we are ripped off in the UK, or even Europe wide.

I thought it was a steal when i seen the headline, i've still to get mine. Your comment just reminded me how we always get the s***** end of the stick due to the different economies/taxes etc

StayStatic2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

This country is a joke , 20% VAT /rage.

1nsomniac2318d ago

If it had a memory card with it even if it was just a 4gb one i think I would of gone for it but as it is that would be at least another £15 so not interested.

1nsomniac2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

Well if I wanted to buy it at that price I would of bought the amazon deal ages ago with the mem card included. As I dont want to buy it at that price I still wont buy it now. Pretty simple really im not going to pay less for something with a necessary item removed that I have to buy anyway so it makes it no cheaper anyway...