Forza 2 official movie

check out the latest Forza 2 Motorsport movies

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TheMART5846d ago

I've seen these before but I can't remember where. But these are not as new as they seem to be at the posted date on that website

uuuunvnv25845d ago

someone needs to catch up a bit.....

Solid Snake5846d ago

I never watched the movie, youd think considering it was CGI they wouls have tried to combat Killzone 2, MS can't do nothing right!

Eternal E 8085846d ago

the difference is that sony lied and said that the killzone2 trailer was realtime and M$ or the devs never said these videos was realtime,get it got it good

calderra5845d ago

Yeah, most of the Forza movies aren't anything you can possibly confuse with real-time. They're obviously manufactured and designed to just give viewers a feel for what they're trying to accomplish.

The Forza devs do note that the car models are entirely achievable in game though, and true in-game shots confirm this (see other news stories floating around). So technically, the videos aren't complete fabrications, as the in-game graphics really are that good.

MoonDust5845d ago

Why do they keep posting the same worthless news?!

Donkey Slayer5845d ago

isn't that what people call CGI?