Crytek CEO weighs options for TimeSplitters 4

Company remains open-minded on funding and platform possibilities; Rules out retail release

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NYC_Gamer2323d ago

It's sad when games that fans enjoy don't get made because the franchise might not have mainstream success

h311rais3r2323d ago

And if they do do it then the characters will be dlc. The over abundance of characters and whackyness made the originals so great but 10$ says whytek will turn it into a COD clone.

GamingPerson2323d ago

Half Life 3 on the other hand is being baked to perfection I guess.

solid_si2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

This guy chat the biggest shit. People are tired of Crysis. Its a joke of a game. Very average shooter with a terrible multiplayer.

The franchise was made popular when the first crysis had superier graphics compared to console in early stage of cycle. Cysis 2 was very dissapoiting and crysis 3 looks preety much no different.

Timesplitters is the only game that can completely change the ball game. I am prety sure COD fans would love the ultra fast shooter its known for, they could steal huge portion of the market with timesplitters had they made TS4 or A Remake of sort.

A timesplitters would be the very thing crytek would need to change there fortunes around. This idiot cant see it, to busy comparing his shooter to other top shooters and his cry engine to unreal engine. Too much talk and not enough time spent on creating games.

Tachyon_Nova2323d ago

He's the CEO, it's his job to talk up their stuff...

DrRichtofen2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

They should release a Time Splitters HD collection to test how gamers respond to it and if it does great then make Time Splitters 4

DeadlyFire2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

I don't care how big the company is. If crowdfunding is the only way to give gamers the game they want then its the right way to go.

What this article tells is basically Crytek has admitted they don't want to fund developing a game that is not the norm for games out there today. Publishing it would be a challenge for them, but if they had crowd funding it would be solidly funded and published because its what gamers love. It would also help them gauge how big of a following the series has behind it.

I see nothing wrong with them using crowd funding to publish the game. They themselves are not publishers.

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Relientk772323d ago

Omg I would love TimeSplitters 4

Please make


topgeareasy2323d ago

I bet they will take out

offline multiplayer

mynameisEvil2323d ago

If they do, I simply wouldn't buy it. The bot matches, especially when friend is thrown in, were my favorite bit of the series. I guess it's just because I'm a sucker for games with bot matches, though.

Grimhammer002323d ago

Agreed. TS4 would be amazing. The only series where I don't find time travel a tedious crutch of story design.

The shooting was always do good in that series.

MilkMan2323d ago

Careful what you ask for...Folks wanted a new Need For Speed and they got The Run made by the same guys that did Carbon and the original Most Wanted and now they want TimeSplitters 4. You gotta know, lighting down strike twice.

Leave it alone.

You wanna relive the good-ol days? play the older games. Thats what they are there for.

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