Star Wars: 1313 not even in full development yet

There’s a very good reason LucasArts is staying mum on Star Wars: 1313‘s release dates and platforms; the game is merely in pre-production, it was found out at E3 last week.

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WeskerChildReborned2318d ago

Wonder if this will be PC exclusive or also on Next Gen consoles.

DeadlyFire2318d ago

No way this will be an exclusive. Lucasarts has branched out to only two companys to publish in the past. EA and Activision. Both are hefty supporters of multiplatform games. So this will be on 3-4 systems at minimal. I personally am expecting the HD next gen visuals version to be on PC, PS4, XB3, and SD version to be on WiiU, PS3, X360.

Although honestly I am still uncertain which side WiiU fits on. I expect it to be on the low end of HD visuals, but not below PS3/X360 quality.

corrus2318d ago

I am not care for that game another stupid shooter

beerkeg2318d ago

And yet you decided to post here anyway.

Nimblest-Assassin2318d ago

I am not use good grammar, because I want show intelligence to all here

Nodoze2318d ago

Don't expect much, this is Lucasarts we are talking about here.

Sevir2318d ago

The game is confirmed to be Unreal Engine 3.5 with direct x11 features. So the game right now is pc but almost certainly by the looks of it will be a next generation platform release. At the Very least. The demo proved that this was beyond the capabilities of consoles in the current gen with its impressive particle effects and physics system. The graphics also reeled of polish and smoothness, even sharper than ND's "The Last Of Us"

aliengmr2318d ago

The tech demo was run on a PC. This isn't even a full game yet.

LA is a console developer now. They've published a couple recent titles for PC, but in-house stuff is for consoles. I highly doubt the finished product will be released on PC.

LucasArts only exists because of Star Wars. Without that license they would have died years ago. They are by far one of the worst developers/publishers ever. Not only have they managed to release horrible Star Wars games (which shouldn't be easy), They also have no clue what Star Wars fans want to play.

Like a previous post said, don't expect much. Likely this will turn out to be an awful game.

Paballo2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

@corrus why are you posting here then?
Too be honest I think what they showed is is pre rendered footage just like when they first showed us the force unleashed and it looked good until we played it...
The concept of this game still lookes good though..Cant wait to see more of it.
oh its unreal engine 3.5 with direct x11 features?dats awesome...Most definately PC and next gen consoles!!!
Looks good

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