Assassin's Creed III: Liberation | Preview []

Despite even the stones now knew of its existence, the official announcement came in the 2012 edition of E3, at Sony's conference and caused some excitement: Assassin's Creed III: Liberation, developed exclusively for PlayStation Vita by Ubisoft Sofia, will be out next October 31.
And... Oh my gosh, is a woman! What the hell..!?

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VitaOwner2372d ago

This game looks amazing. The Ps Vita needs more exclusive games like this, instead of the plethora of console ports we have been getting. Hopefully Sony has a few more original Ps Vita titles to announce before this holiday season.

CaptCalvin2372d ago

I think the Vita has plenty of exclusive game. There's nothing wrong with a couple of "ports" here and there. I'd like to think of them more as "multipaltform"

Most of the time when a big name franchise is to get a "handheld exclusive" it's outsourced to lesser studios who only try to imitate the style of the main games. They're only there to "compliment" the console releases. They tend to give me a cheap knockoff feel.

At least we know that we'd be getting the same quality and depth when a game is a console "port."

nevin12372d ago


Well thats a interesting point about lessers studios but you can't really think straight console port has the same quality.

I think both your comments can go either way meaning a lesser studio has a 50/50 chance of making a good game while a 50/50 chance a straight port will have the same quality as the console version.

VitaOwner2372d ago

I agree that the Ps Vita has plenty of exclusives, but I don't think they have announced enough must-have exclusives to reach the 10 million sales mark that Sony is aiming to reach around this time this year. Considering the Vita has sold around 1.8 million units worldwide, there would have to be a huge spike in demand. That's why I think Sony has to be holding out on some big titles to dramatically increase sales. Call of Duty Black Ops II:Declassified, Assassin's Cred 3:Liberation, Persona 4 Golden, and Soul Sacrifice are the exclusives I'm really looking forward too. Sony is sure to announce a new Monster Hunter soon which will drive sales like crazy in Japan, and hopefully they have surprises that would have as much impact stateside as monster hunter does in Japan. Rumored titles such as Resident Evil portable, Bioshock Vita, Gran Tursimo Vita, and maybe one more AAA original IP would definitely have me believing that Sony could reach that 10 million sales benchmark.

CaptCalvin2372d ago

Yes but you seem to suggest that console ports are more numerous than the exclusive games when in reality, it's the console ports that are actually few and far between compared with exclusives on the device currently.