Better Friend Codes, Achievements and More: Nintendo Answers Our Burning Wii U Questions

Nintendo will have a much less annoying Friend Code system for the Wii U, four layers of protection in their online service and system-level Achievements, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime tells Kotaku.

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Ashunderfire862319d ago

Seems ok so far bu bu bu but what about online multiplayer with headsets and all that good stuff? How the Wiii U gonna own 360 and PS3 in online gameplay?

Hisiru2319d ago

WiiU has mic on the controller. Maybe you will be able to talk with your friends (in-game) using it? I don't know.

Game4life2319d ago

just plug in headphones and use the mic on the controller makes the most sense to me

WeskerChildReborned2319d ago

Well doesn't the controller have a built in mic? If so they will probably use that.

jacen1002319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

Yea online and headsets are part of the wiiU

SpiralTear2319d ago

Hmm...the friend code comment still has me skeptical, but it can't be worse than the Wii's online system. The 3DS single-friend-code idea was a step in the right direction.

And as for the "ducked nothing" note on the article, I think Reggie is still hiding some key info about the console. Oh well. That's his job, I suppose.

Jirachi2319d ago

Good miiverse moderation is based on parental controls i was worried they would force that bull**** on people who are old enough to decide what they find inappropriate. personally i'll turn it off idc for censorship at all.