The Enigma That Is Dragon’s Dogma

Gamer Euphoria staff member Sean writes:

''The recent release of Dragon’s Dogma has prompted the strangest range of reviews in quite some time. From near perfect scores to full on condemnations, Dragon’s Dogma is a strange beast. The last time a game divided opinions in such a manner (at least the last game I recall) was 2009s Deadly Premonition. Marred by low production values and some rigid controls, Deadly Premonition was in actual fact a deep and clever little game. Fast forward to 2012 and Deadly Premonition has developed a cult hit status. Dragon’s Dogma seems destined to go the same way.''

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Linko642320d ago

Best boss battles this generation? climbing enemies is awesome!

schlanz2320d ago

Its little things like lack of fast travel and repetitive enemy spawning that hold this game back. As a whole its a fantastic game.. just a bit rough around the edges. Not a game for everyone. I hope they release a sequel that fixes the small annoying things.

D3mons0ul2320d ago

These kind of issues can be fixed with a patch. There is no need to wait for a whole new game to be made.

Extend the time between monster respawns, reduce the amount of pawn chatter, make ferrystones more affordable.

Neckbear2320d ago

Fast travel would ruin the game. Part of what makes Dragon's Dogma so awesome is the fact that it feels like a consistent adventure- both in high and low points. Besides, it would remove the sense of danger you get if you aren't careful, and the fear of it becoming night time before you reach your destination (or go back to the city). It'd just take away a part of what makes the game stand out, instead making it much more mindless as far as traveling goes.

I agree with the repetitive enemy spawn points, however. Seeing the same cyclops in the same place over and over really makes it repetitive if you walk through there, like, 10 times.


Ferrystones are a last resource as they stand, and I'm fine with that. You shouldn't need to use a Ferrystone unless you're in a really dangerous place and can't find your way back. You're just missing the point of why they're so damn expensive.

joab7772320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

I agree. At first I thought that maybe it would be a great idea and then I thought of all the reasons why I wasn't having as much fun in other rpgs. This is one of them. Now, what they could do is add a creature to ride, though I don't know how hard this would be. Or, my personal favorite, just mix up the enemies and the encounters so its new and fresh.

I am loving this game more than I ever thought I would. One of the best times I had was accepting an escort quest early on to bring adarro to shadow fort, not an easy trek for a level 14. But, I made it and it was like this huge adventure just getting there. My only issue with escort quests is that I had 3 to choose from and once I selected one, the others disappeared. Here's to hoping I get another shot because I never even looked at the other 2.

MysticStrummer2320d ago

I agree that they need to mix up the spawning, both the enemies and the location, but I didn't even want to fast travel until I got into my third playthrough. New Game+ should be made harder also. They should at least have those harder endgame enemies show up at night during NG+. Overall though, DD is some of the most fun I've had this gen.

Kaos_Vll2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

The enemy level is fine in NG+, no one is forcing you to use all the high level equipment you have stocked up.

Fighting with lowered defenses and less powerful weapons gives you exactly that, a harder fight.

People play NG+ to explore things they missed and have an edge on the enemies. Making all the enemies level up with you would completely ruin that.

No need for the devs to implement something you can do yourself thereby only affecting you and not everyone else.

I'm 200 hrs in on my 3rd playthrough and there is nothing easy fighting with a level 150 weapon and less than 200 defensive equipment, even against low level goblins so I'm failing to see an issue.

Drithe2320d ago

Hey! The last battle with that huge damn dragon is, hands down, the best boss battle in the history of gaming. I mean it is intense as hell. You are holding on to your controller screaming the whole time.

End of Line.

listenkids2320d ago

Have you ever played...... Fifa?

Drithe2320d ago

One more thing. I think they could make a cool as hell MMO out of this. This is obviuosly a sister game of Monster Hunter, just more exciting and easier to play.

I hope they put out more content for the game, but I afraid they will not, considering Sony charges an arm and a leg for downloadable content to be put on the PSN network.

End of Line.

IGW_Fobia2320d ago

I dare to say, and might get some disagrees with this, but Dragon's Dogma might be one of the best RPGs this generation of systems.

Dread2320d ago


Any Dark Soul fan should give this a try! Actually any fan of a challenging and deep RPG needs to play this.

Captain Qwark 92320d ago

im a fan of dark souls and i bought dd the day it came out. since then i havent played it much, everytime i do, i get bored after about an hour. im hoping its just a slow start but it has yet to really get me hooked like DS did for its exploration or say the witcher 2 did for its narrative.

it seems to me like it needed more dev time to polish, polish, and polish. then they need to fix the proportions of the characters models, add some cut scenes, and make the side quest stories more interesting.

IGW_Fobia2320d ago

What games doesn't need work though? Dark Souls was a blast, but even that game needs some more polish at points. I'm not saying DD is perfect, it sure isn't, but I have yet to have the same amount of fun in another RPG this generation.

Played Skyrim, The Witcher 1 and 2, Dragon Age Origin and 2, Final Fantasy 13, Fallout 3 - they all just seem to be missing that really fun combat and Dragon's Dogma has that for me.

Captain Qwark 92320d ago


i wish i seen the same thing you do in dd but i just dont lol.

i liked the witcher 2, DDO, and DS better.

didnt like skyrim or fallout, never played ff13 becuase i gave up on that series after 10. so ill agree DD is def better than them.

and while i agree most games do need additional work, not to the point DD does for me though. everything just feels unfinished. either way though, i payed 60 bones for it, ill give it another 10 hrs or so before i drop it, perhaps it will grab me. i do love the pawn system though, thats amazing.

IGW_Fobia2320d ago

@Captain Qwark

ah, win some, lose some. I hope you end up liking it, or at least get to the point where you don't feel you waisted $60...that is never a good feeling.

alessandro102320d ago

Sir i am with you on this one, best rpg i have played in a long time

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