Nintendo Starts With A Bang, Ends With A Whimper

Gamer Euphoria staff member Sean writes:

''Nintendo created a lot of questions last year when they revealed the Wii U. There was confusion to what exactly it was, what its focus was and what was it bringing to the table. E3 2012 proved to be the time that Nintendo would truly address these questions and tell us what the Wii U was all about.

The conference started with a bit of fan service; a tactic Nintendo has used for the last few years. Everyone’s favorite industry icon Shigeru Miyamoto ( we all wish he was our Grandad) took to the stage to reveal Pikmin 3. A great start to the conference which was reflected by the crowds hugely positive reaction. After a brief recap on some of the features of the Wii U a demo began of Pikmin 3 on Nintendo’s latest system.''

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Linko642319d ago

Can't wait for Sing ;)

superman2319d ago

Pretty sure this is a duplicate article.

Droid Control2319d ago

More like started with a whimper, continues with a whimper.
I was confused about the Wii U last year and underwhelmed with Wii U this year.


M$ and Sony are coming up with TRUE next gen systems next year...

N4g_null2319d ago

After seeing usher in the MS conference... sing is welcomed karaoke...

I have to admit the wii board stuff was pretty fun looking. The zombiu was crazy good design for the pad. ubi finally hired some talent yay!

The mini games are pretty addictive though, i like the feel of resort better, nintendo land is too junky but hey DLC nintendo to the rescue!

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