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GR writes: The 2009 reboot of the Star Trek franchise was an all-around success, pleasing fans of the classic series while bringing in a host of non-Trekkie fans. Developer Digital Extremes is hoping to capture the same kinetic excitement of that film with Star Trek, the upcoming third-person shooter that adds to the Abrams mythos instead of retelling the events of the movie. Our demo at E3 reinforced the fact that Captain Kirk and Commander Spock make quite the pair – but it also had some welcome surprises, like the glorious reveal of the Gorn race’s return.

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Grimhammer002322d ago

I'm pretty excited for this! Makes me wanna geek out. Lol can't be just 2plyr co-op story....horde mode? Mp in star trek universe could be an epic tps! All the races, weird creatures and unique comedy.

Plus...what about McCoy? The doctor screams field medic! Lol Scotty the Engineer....