EA Caves into Australian Anger, Lowers Battlefield 3 Premium Price

Australian PlayStation 3 owners of the game were shocked last week to learn that the “Premium” service being advertised online for AU$49.99 was actually costing them AU$79.95. The game’s official forum board exploded with complaints – it turned out that Xbox 360 owners were also paying more (AU$66) and yet those on PC could enjoy the advertised price of AU$49.99.

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Yi-Long2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

... will still have to pay 50 EURO for that content though.... (63 US/AU dollar)

CustardTrout2318d ago

I refuse to buy it to be honest, I bought the game they can sod off now.

AdobeMan2318d ago

I'm sick of companies thinking they can mess with there consumers and rip us off like this, time to make EA and DICE an example!

AusRogo2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

Well I got a mate to share it anyway.. Too bad he bought it for the original 79.95. We always get ripped off with pretty much anything especially games.
Edit: and I want to know why the f**k it was more than the XBL price.

Statix2318d ago

Wow, that sucks ass. Thank god we don't get ripped off on game prices here in the US. Although I fear the industry is heading that way, with the advent of online game passes, on-disc DLC, and used game bans.

Veni Vidi Vici2318d ago

We do get ripped off on game prices in the US....just not as bad as them. Most games are WAY too expensive for what they give you. Then most companies expect you to pay $15 for a couple of maps or pay $50 for a years worth of crap.

I really wish you(not you Statix- just gamers in general) sheep would stop buying this crap. The whole industry is starting to do it now.

Statix2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

I'm sorry, but I can't agree at all. As a longtime Cheap-Ass Gamer (tm) and deal hunter, I've gotten some amazing deals on games over the years. All you have to do is to keep an eye out for deals on used and new games (browsing the and forums helps).

Here are a few quick examples of some great games I got for dirt cheap, just off the top of my head:

-Assassin's Creed Revelations - $15 used (Gamefly)
-F.E.A.R. 3 - $10 Used (Gamefly)
-Battlefield 3 - $40 New at launch, after free $20 gift card (Amazon)
-Batman: Arkham City - $10 New after coupon (Best Buy)
-RAGE - $10 Used (Gamefly)
-Trine 2, inFamous 2, etc. - Free (PS+)

I can list many more deals I got, but I'd have to look at my collection.

On the other hand, yes, DLC can be rather expensive at times and is harder to find deals on, but it's usually not essential. You don't have to buy the DLC to enjoy the game; it's your choice to buy it or not depending on whether you want to enhance your experience. I paid $50 for Battlefield 3 Premium, and personally think it's a great deal that's totally worth it, especially as a huge fan of BF3.

Strongmad2318d ago

Why is everyone so negative, this is just like prepurchase of the expansion packs which im sure we all would have bought anyway.

I would rather fund the game development and secure the growth of DICE (EA not so much) allowing them to develop better content and future titles. This is not a cheap cash grab like elite.

I paid £40 which works out 10 per pack which is standard and the added features are a bonus. Admittedly if it cost any more I would not bother.

gdogg9792318d ago

Erm how is this any different than elite ??atleast activision were up front about it ?hell i got my elite for about £25 as I bought the prestiged edition or whatever it was called ?

Your comment stinks of blind fanboyism?

To announce this now 8 months after the game has been out is not right?i know a group of 4 friends who all bought back to karkland for 1200 ms points just 2 weeks ago?to say they're pissed is an understatement .

Had they just done this from day one then it wouldn't have been so bad ...

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