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Destructoid: Sorry boners, I can't be your hero this day. I played DmC: Devil May Cry, and I had a blast.

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Yi-Long2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

... but even IF it's the very best game of the year, it will still be a CAPCOM game, meaning we'll be getting an incomplete game and they'll sell you the rest later as DLC.

Thus, there's no way I'll be buying this, or any other CAPCOM game, on day 1 for full-price!

CAPCOM bought this upon itself with their greed.

Kran2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

Name any game of today where this doesn't happen.

Call of Duty always feels unfinished. They release already made maps months later.

Enslaved also ended on a cliffhanger. I mean they were making a brand new IP that's not had much hype. Ninja Theory should have known the IP might not sell and shouldn't have ended on a cliffhanger, thus making the game feel incomplete.

StarFox2320d ago

COD4 - 17 Maps
WAW - 13 Maps
MW2 - 16 Maps
BO - 14 Maps
MW3 - 16 Maps

if COD is unfinished then you name me any other shooter that releases that many maps out of box no DLC required. it might be the same shit every year but to say that it's unfinished when it releases more content than any other shooter is beyond ridiculous. I don't even play COD anymore and baffled by what you just said

Kran2320d ago


I meant by the campaign when I said unfinished.

I just added the maps comment because it was still true.

kanetheking2320d ago

tbh the only dlc heavy capcoms games are there fighters, other then that i don't see many dlc for cap games.

Gran Touring2320d ago

Asura's wrath did receive DLC for it's real ending, but I think the best bet for Capcom if they want to regain some respect, is to release full, completed games, and just avoid DLC altogether.

-GametimeUK-2320d ago

I'm no longer supporting Capcom. I missed out on SFXTekken (which looks like a good thing) and I am going to miss out on Resi6 until a few years later when the Ultra gold edition is in the bargain bin.

fei-hung2320d ago

Game may look good and play well, but I am fed up of Crapcom and NT so I will play it and enjoy it all at a bargain price after it drops in price and I can get it for cheap preowned.

This is what you get for ruining Dante and the DMC Universe!

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IcyEyes2320d ago

I don't care if this is not the *real* Dante.

I just need a great game and I have a LOT of faith in the Ninja Theory.

BrutallyBlunt2320d ago

This article is another example of how some gamers are today, react first, think later. I was never worried about what others said in the first place, it's become common nowadays for forums to be muddled with negativity. You need to look no further than here on N4G.

killerhog2320d ago

This is only a preview/hands-on buddy, review has a gaurantee chance to be different.

BrutallyBlunt2320d ago


So? Does that mean until then you're still going to have the mindset this game won't be good even though you yourself haven't play it? Sorry but I'd rather listen to feedback from those who actually played it, not those on forums who've made their minds up long ago.

thehitman2320d ago

For me I never questioned the gameplay from what I seen it should feel fun to play but what about story design and main character feel...

dericb112320d ago

At first it looked lame but has looked better lately.

dericb112320d ago

Dante does look more normal (Not like the original) but not emo like the first trailer. At least My listened some.

If demo is good will give it a buy.

Moncole2320d ago

I will play this game.

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