{Play Vault Preview} Gameglobe – Square Enix’s Browser-Based Sandbox Game

Play Vault's Elliot:

"Descriptions of what Gameglobe does quickly fall back on zeitgeisty buzzwords; browser-based, free-to-play, microtransactions, gamified social media and user-created content! But to really grasp the ambition of what Square Enix and Bigpoint are attempting, or how intuitive Gameglobe‘s vaunted toolkit is you have to see it in motion.

To my eyes (shielded behind jade-tinted spectacles), Gameglobe is one of the very few promising surprises to have emerged from a very quiet E3 – as far as an event based on getting crowds to cheer at beautifully rendered explosions can be quiet."

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moegooner882320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

Really liked the artstyle of the game

Jonmau52320d ago

Yes, the visuals do seem to be something of a step away from the standard clique that many games have said about them... The 'Shades of Brown and Grey' clique.

shug852320d ago

its defntly the smoothest looking level-creator i've ever seen, i really like the whole drag and drop approach ... looking forward to its release a lot.

Jonmau52320d ago

I agree Shug. This was something that was not originally on my radar but the simplicity of this game is refreshing.

Has a Minecraft-esque quality too it.

r212320d ago

i am honestly looking forward, i love me UGC games :D and whats more, its F2P!

dirthurts2320d ago

This looks great! I can't wait.
It's rare I get truly excited about a game these days, with all the generic out there, but this is pretty interesting.

AmayaAi2320d ago

Browser-based games usully suck but Square Enix’s knows how to make a good one.