Are games a part of mainstream culture yet? Ten developers answer

OPM UK writes: Obviously we all know that games are immersive, engaging interactive experiences – even art – but what will it take for society at large to accept them as such? We put the question to 10 top developers…

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kent800820072322d ago

I guess sometimes when you surround yourself with only a certain kind of people with the same hobbies as you do, you will think that everyone is doing it, but in actuality it's not

Frankfurt2321d ago

Uncharted certainly isn't. Nobody knows what Uncharted is. Hell, even gamers barely buy it. UC3 only sold 700K in a whole month.

versusALL2321d ago

Okay just, just shut up.

_Aarix_2321d ago

does the truth hurt buddy?

Dante1122321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

@ versus

He even got that wrong (as well as Aarix). UC3 sold 1 million copies it's first week.

Source (You all know I always provide a source):

Edit: More ownage, UC3 LTD numbers: 4.3 million copies sold.