Rumour: Nintendo Cancel Eternal Darkness 2, Silicon Knights Now 'In Limbo'

In the wake of Silicon Knights being slugged with a $4.45 million dollar bill after losing their suit against Epic Games in May, the rumour is that the company is now being forced to lay off staff, after already having downsized from 150 employees in 2007 to a team of only 40 in 2012.

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CouldHaveYelledUiiW2346d ago

I hope this isn't true but I forgot that they had a pending law suit against Epic.
My hopes and prayers are with them.
Hopefully they get a chance to get a Hot App or Hot Indie to market and turn around their misfortune.

egidem2346d ago

If I remember correctly, I tried to give Too Human multiple chances but...It just sucked.

Captain Qwark 92346d ago

sad day, i loved too human and eternal darkness.

barb_wire2346d ago

Always sad when a company (potentially) is facing closure, no matter which console they make games for..

..and 'Eternal Darkness' was one of the finest games released last-gen.

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