Rumor: PlayStation XMB soon to be advanced

From Joystick radio:

"Well I might have some great news for PLAYSTATION 3 owners, my friend's uncle at SCEJ gave me a insight of a new XMB which will be released after PLAYSTATION Home in late 2008 (ear by ear)...

You all remember the video of the PLAYSTATION 3 XMB being something like you see in Minority Report but on screen? The PLAYSTATION 3 might be getting the interactive XMB and all you need is the PLAYSTATION Eye. You will be able to browse through your friends list, music, movies, games etc using your hand huh!"

What i ask you guys is...if its true, would interactivity between the XMB and PLAYSTATION Eye interest you?

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crazy250004661d ago

omg this would be next gen interface! only using your hands to navigate would be awesome...i would soooo show it off =)

marinelife94661d ago

You can do a lot more with the Playstation eye coupled with the cell processor than you can with a Wii remote.

Minority report interactivity is going to be sweet!

Cwalat4661d ago

FUTURE here we come !!!

sonarus4661d ago

i want in game xmb then home 1st they need 2 release all the stuff they have been delaying before releasing new stuff. However this would be nice i would prob get a ps eye for that and it would help the ps eye games/applications take off

gta_cb4661d ago

lol, this is good news if true, but i do laugh when i read stuff like that

ancient1124661d ago

if they integrate it with PSBrain, a device you wear on your heads, and then control the XMB just by thinking. Really, we have the technology as of now. Besides, the hand movement control is really hard to use.......

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poos34661d ago

sony fans go on rumors and lies u guys are basing this on some 1 saying his uncle works there and u believe it ????? hahahaha remember the fake screens ? and u believed that also ,you guys need to stop latching on to false hope im just being real.

Amnesiac4660d ago

Yeah. We could sit on the internet all day bashing others about bashing others. Or we could sit on the computer all day and be a huge Xbot in EVERY ps3 thread...

that'd be cool right?

kill yourself.

whoelse4661d ago

It would be like the iPhone but better! :)

C_SoL4661d ago (Edited 4661d ago )

it's nothing would be cool, seeing that i have the EYE....Whats bigger is IN-GAME XMB....hopefully it comes when home comes....

I fully agree with man....i would rather wait, so it could be in mint condition....

Close_Second4661d ago (Edited 4661d ago ) in-game XMB. However, it needs to have a low footprint in terms of resources and stay true to the main XMB Sony uses on the PS3 and PSP. I would hate to call up the XMB during a game and have to wait as it loaded or it performed sluggishly.

If you need to see an example of how a good XMB works then just look at the one on the 360 after their lastest fall update. Its fast (almost too fast!) and does everything you need it to.

I am sure the PS3 will get there - we just have to be patient.

Premonition4660d ago

According to my friend in Home beta, the official home launches in April so thats not to far from now, late 2008 would be September and beyond to me.

TheExecutive4660d ago

I am in the HOME beta and havent heard any such thing.