Dishonored dev: BioShock Infinite release date delay “was awesome news”

It sounds like Arkane Studios breathed a sigh of relief when BioShock Infinite was delayed, as Dishonored game designer Ricardo Bare has said it “was awesome news” for the studio.

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SuperLupe2322d ago

LOL at least they're honest about it.

GoldenGamer2322d ago

I'm a little worried after finding out this game isn't open world. I hope it's not as short as Deus Ex: Human Revolution, I cleared that and 90% of the side missions in about 10 hours... I think it's gone from a pre-purchase to a wait for reviews so I can see what the length is supposedly

mistajeff2322d ago

Lol, I bet. I just hope zenimax is giving them enough time for polish, they're famous for scrapping the QA process, and a game like this deserves better.

MilkMan2322d ago

Yeah, that's what I thought when I heard the news. Lots of friends of mine and myself included gave this game a bump once B-shock was delayed. So MERRY CHRISTMAS!
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