Microsoft is Expected to Post Significant Profit

1/18/2008 - Rhyze of Xboxusersgroup writes:

"Analysts on average expect Microsoft to report earnings of 46 cents a share, on $15.9 billion in revenue for the period ended in December. When Microsoft reported its first-quarter results in October, Chief Financial Officer Chris Liddell announced that the company was 'slightly ahead of where we want to be.' At that time, Microsoft raised its full year guidance for profit and sales. Highlights of next week's earnings report should include an update on Vista, the latest version of the company's Windows software, and on newer businesses such as online services and sales of the Xbox video game console during the holiday season.

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resistance1004661d ago

Well if they don't i will have to wonder what one earth MS's gaming divison doing to keep making a loss

Lex Luthor4661d ago

great news for MS and their gaming division, they deserve it.

joemomma4661d ago

An over priced online service and people buying multiple 360s due to a poorly designed console.

Nice job with your ethics M$!

mintaro4661d ago

here come the 360 haters.....

joemomma4661d ago

Me? Why hate a piece of plastic? Im no hater im just telling it like it is.

mintaro4661d ago

ill explain why i define you as a 360/MS hater, you see the article MS to make big profit, and you probably say to yourself, hmmm how can i ruin a peice of good news, oh i know!! ill say that MS made money only by screwing its customers!! it had nothing to do with all the great games that came out last year, but it was because of the overpriced online sevice. and im pretty sure that if it hadnt crashed for that week, you wouldnt even be taking about it.
im pretty sure the 360 defects were even more rampant in 2006, yet MS still coudlnt turn a profit, i wonder what was different from that year and this year.........oh i know! games!!

mintaro4661d ago

wow kudos to MS gaming divison, it's about damn time

deadpreacher4661d ago

Yup, and i expect to see them keeping this up for the rest of this Gen!

I Make Stuff Up4661d ago

There is no information there about the gaming division specifically, however there will be an "update" on the gaming division next week.

Bladestar4661d ago (Edited 4661d ago )

where are those losers.. that were saying that microsoft shares were in trouble? lol... laughing my @$$ to the bank... ohh and yeah... while playing with my xbox 360...

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