E3 2012: Splinter Cell: Blacklist Is About “Options”

GCO: "Splinter Cell has always been about stealth, but that changed with Splinter Cell: Conviction, the last installment in the series."

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Elderly_Cynic2373d ago

I'm a sucker for a good stealth game... can't wait to play this.

MAJ0R2373d ago

Mhmm, I remember when Splinter Cell games had stealth...

Bathyj2373d ago

I thought you said you wanted a good stealth game?

It will be a good action game, but not stealth.

Zha1tan2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

brb one button takedown, mark all enemies, press one button and win.

so strategic, so tactical and such interactivity.....

Can we just get a redone version of Chaos Theory? its clear ubi has lost the plot with the tom clancy games.

Bathyj2373d ago


Ghost Recon broke my heart. Thjat mark and execute crap, and one shot kills made it to easy.

And while I enjoyed Conviction it was not much of a Splinter Cell game.

Blacklist looks to sliding even further towards action.

I have almost no hope for Rainbow 6 anymore, but I hope Ubi surprise me.

Fez2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

I watched a couple of gameplay vids of Ghost Recon and thought it looked stupidly easy. With mark and execute, gadgets to spot enemies and stealth camo the game just looked far too easy.

Still looks like it might be fun but I don't think a game that easy could sustain me for a full play through.

Looks like splinter cell might be going in a similar direction and that is not good for a splinter cell game. Think I'm just gonna get the HD collection and stick with that. Those original splinter cell games were brilliant... one of the few actual stealth games.

Hoje03082373d ago

Good to see the author of this article can't even quote someone properly. I'll be blocking this shit site now.

WagFanger2373d ago

Then why the flying f*ck did they not show that!?