GamerTM Gives 8/10 To Geometry Wars: Galaxies (Wii)

1/18/2008 - Luke Albiges of GamerTM writes:

"There's no great mystery behind the success of Geometry Wars. Bizarre Creations' retro shooter is simplistic in every conceivable way, opening it up to gamers from all walks of life but at the same time reluctant to ever let you put down the controller. Retro Evolved remains one of our most played Live Arcade titles, beckoning us back at least once a week that we might creep slowly up the leaderboards. Imagine, then, that gloriously basic formula having more rules and even a campaign mode bolted onto it. Actually, that's a silly thing to say. You don't need to imagine it – that's exactly what has been done with Galaxies. And it's really quite good."

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