Joystiq: Fame is always just over the Forza Horizon

Joystiq writes: Ralph Fulton of Playground Games was very insistent that Forza Horizon is not, in fact, an arcade racing game. It may take place in an open-world version of Colorado, may be free from traditional Forza career modes and may feature a youth-focused licensed soundtrack (read: dubstep), but the actual driving is built on Forza's physics engine.

The problem with arcade-style racing games, according to Fulton, is that the appeal of racing different vehicles is lost due to the fact that all cars have to handle roughly the same in order to preserve an "arcade" feel. By using Forza's existing physics engine, Playground Games hopes to circumnavigate this problem and preserve the series' pedigree for for automotive accuracy.

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MySwordIsHeavenly2413d ago

Not a bad idea, actually. I'd prefer a full-on Road Trip-type game, but this will do for now.

ChunkyLover532413d ago

This game is getting so many accolades, I really hope it turns out well.

tee_bag2422413d ago

I love the forza series but this one worries me.

Tony-Red-Grave2413d ago

what worries me is that car manufactures may not support the game as much when they see cars on the street. Companies like ferrari don't like seeing their cars get damaged or racing on the streets.

though maybe someone can calm my worries ^_^.

tee_bag2422412d ago

That and it looks like a cheesy NFS game - basing it around a gay dubstep music party.. ? Wtf.
I bet it's going to be watered down and not running at 60fps

Forza_is_King2412d ago

Dan Greenwalt has already said that damage won't be on the same scale as in the Forza series 1-4. This is on an arcade level similar to burnout.

Since the damage won't be on the same level as the Forza series, car manufactures will be more willing to allow the representation of their cars to be in the game.

Expect ALL the usual big name manufacturers to be in the game. Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Ford, Chrysler etc....