RUMOR - Best Buy employee terminal lists Wii U for $300

"I think this looks pretty legit to me. I don't want to call it confirmed, but it certainly seems like the most convincing evidence yet.", writes GoNintendo.

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DarthJay2323d ago

No remote? I know part of the picture is cut out but it doesn't look like there is room for a remote in the picture.

karlowma2323d ago

They are most likely just getting the sku set up in inventory, and need to associate a price. I don't know if Nintendo even knows what they're selling the Wii U for yet.

Hisiru2323d ago

They probably know. Ubisoft gave us good examples with Rayman Legends and ZombiU.

TheRealist2323d ago

Good price? u dont even know whats under the hood.. 8GB of memory too? $250 based on what ive seen so far.. Especially if they plan to compete w Microsoft & Sony.. PS3 will be $200 when this comes out.. Free blu ray player, HUGE amount of online content & games seems more appealing to the average consumer.. Just my opinion though.

EPIKgamer2323d ago

Except that WiiU is next gen, you have no idea what the specs are, and Nintendo shouldn't even be giving a damn about PS3 and the 360. $300-$350 is a good price for what we know, but of course we know only a little.

TheRealist2323d ago

Well i said so far.. Who knows? They could end up putting more ram, btr CPU, & btr GPU than the dev kits have! except that wont happen.. The dev kits are barely above current gen so the Wii U may have tablet style nx gen play ability but the games wont look much btr than whats out now.. Wii U isnt fighting NXBX or PS4.. They stuck behind again & will do their own thing again.. Not that its a bad thing.. I have to own 2 systems for games. 1 from nintendo & 1 from Sony

dark-hollow2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

The latest dev kit is more than a "barley" more powerful than current consoles.
No quantum leap like the assumed Durango and orpis, but kinda like the gap between DC and gamecube.

Sadly current launch game doesn't show it yet.

sjaakiejj2323d ago

Regardless of performance, it's new hardware and therefore more expensive. I would anticipate the controller alone to cost Nintendo $100,- or higher, so a $150,- for the console itself isn't too unlikely. This puts the base price at $250,-. Since Nintendo already stated they won't be selling the console at a loss, expect $300 or higher.

neogeo2323d ago

I was thinking MS and Sony may start to get the prices REAL low. I'm talking causal gamer low to take the wind out of Wiiu sales. Give us a $99 360 and $149 ps3 around the Wii launch.

EDIT: I know that wont work any better then a Android phone dropping the price in hopes it will slow down iphone sales.

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The story is too old to be commented.