E3 2012: Dead Island: Riptide Not a Remake, Will be $50 Due To ‘End of Console Generation’

RipTen: During this years annual E3, Deep Silver came out of left field with the surprise announcement of Dead Island: Riptide. Aside from a logo, platform specifications, and a trailer due out over the summer no other details have been shared. As curious as I am, I decided to dig for more information.

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PaladinXII3935d ago

Loved the first one. Hoping for good things from Riptide.

xPhearR3dx3935d ago

Same here. Even though the VA was poor and the controls were pretty clunky, it grew on me quickly. Can't wait to see more.

morganfell3935d ago

I will definitely pick this up. However I would rather have heard them say, "It will be $50 because it's worth it."

MRMagoo1233934d ago Show
Kurylo3d3934d ago

I disagree.. personally i thought it was retarded you cant wield a level 25 machete because your level 24, but you can wield a level 23 machete.

I mean like wtf... there both machetes.. why should it matter. Plus the levels never really mattered because teh zombies would become higher level as you gain in level... not as the game progresses, but as you become higher in level. It got real dumb .. real fast... real pointless.

Tr10wn3934d ago

Go get a Wii and get something with mario in it, obviously this game was too hard for you. LOL

Kurylo3d3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

Difficulty was never the problem. The game was too easy and boring. There literally was little to no story. There wasn't any real progression. Nothing had any ramifications. Save a civillian or not... didnt change the game in anyway. Everything in the game could basicaly be skipped for the most part. It was just pointless. Not interesting at all. And i had it on the best platform with the best graphics. PC. And I beat the game hoping for something fun down the road in the game, but nothing was. I felt like a major let down and a major waste of my time. They suckered me into buying that game and giving it a chance. Espeacially with their intro trailer.

The zombies were just boring as well... no real creativity other then the fact that u can chop them up, but no creativity in physics or how they act or react to getting shot in different locations.. except the head. It just was boring all around. I cant stress how NOT fun the game was.. Repetitive is the key word here. You did the same thing all the time. The entire game was the same thing over and over.. And dont get me started on the inventory system. So difficult just to switch out weapons.. u gotta go into your menus and start clickn away. Man was it annoying. Why couldnt i just have an equip button. Why do i need an inventory of 100 weapons to switch out to a smaller inventory of 10 weapons... to get into the game to use those weapons. Lets not forget the breaking of weapons.. dont use ur knife 10 times... u might break it... lol... LAME!

And ill be honest with you. lol. I dont own a wii, but mario games are 100x better then this waste of hard drive space.

shossofe3934d ago

I thought this was how RPG's worked. Just because you do not like RPGs does not make the system retarded.

Kurylo3d3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

well normaly in an rpg.. theres a point to leveling up.. isnt there? I mean area A usually has weaker enemies.. area B might have tough enemies u would want to level up for... This game you level up... and they instantly level up with you... totally nullifying levels. Its like tehres no point to there even being levels.. its the same thing if u were both level 1 ... or if your both level 20... no difference.

Besides... this is a zombie FPS. I mean cmon.

Tr10wn3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

I finish it on 360 and last week bought it for PC with my friends again, the game is a lot of fun and IMO one of the best zombie games out there, i dont see how your zombies didnt react to hits on the legs, arms or head maybe your drivers are outdated or something but they react and for me that was part of the fun, getting a machete and cutting his arms or a hammer to cripple them, the physics react normally, i dont see how anything your are saying is true, i played the game for about 90 hours got 1000/1000 achievements and had a lot of fun playing it didnt saw any problem with physics and almost everything you are whining about is because the game is an RPG and you are lazy, 100 weapons in inventory, weapons breaking those are RPG elements not necessarily true but most of RPG's use those mechanics and lazy people like you can't get around those mechanics, either you play it with no friends or you are not an RPG fan.

Kurylo3d3934d ago

your really missing the point.. its just boring and repetitive. Me and 3 other friends played coop... were done after the 2nd try.

We were bored after the first. Just keep being sent place and bring something back.. sent someplace.. and bring something back. With no resolution... no gain.. no nothing.. it was just feeling like a waste of time after a while. I can understand if doing things for people actually helped u in some way, but it didnt. You didnt get support .. no nothing.

dead_eye3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

You don't really get games do you Kurylo3d.

All games are repetitive if you want to look at them that way.

Oblivion's enemies used to level up with you. I think fallout was the first Bethesda rpg that had enemies level set by the area.

Edit: Oh man it was so much fun just killing zombies in that game.

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Big-Hoss3934d ago

I agree dead island was alot of fun.

browland13935d ago

I put a ridiculous amount of time into the first one, so I can't wait to see what the next installment has to offer.

ShadowKingpin3935d ago

I hope this game works out well.

Treian3935d ago

hopefully they will do better testing before releasing an unfinished game. the save glitch I remember was unbearable.

MysticStrummer3935d ago

No kidding. I had to do large sections of the game 3, 4, even 5 times to get the game to acknowledge that I did them. It got so bad that I was nervous about stopping and losing all my progress. I had quest rewards not show up in my inventory, weapons vanish from my inventory, vehicles vanish while I was driving them, zombies vanish into the ground or into walls. Waaay more bugs than I ever saw in Skyrim. $50 is still too high a price for me to pay after all that nonsense.

Old McGroin3934d ago

Agreed - if the first game wasn't infested in as many bugs as it was then Riptide would be a first day buy for me - this time I'm gonna wait and see as I'm expecting the same result. The first game is still very buggy so if they haven't fixed the first game after nearly 7 months what chance does the sequel have?

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