Potential Red Flags Abound for Wii U According to Skewed and Reviewed

Skewed and Reviewed have posted an opinion article about their coverage of the Wii U. Based on time with the system at E3 as well as an interview with a third party company, they cite that the system may have a number of issues and may not be all that gamers hope for.

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2319d ago
Garethvk2319d ago

The Vita has outsold it since it has launched. The 3Ds had a huge drop in sales after the first two weeks which required Nintendo to drop the price to increase sales.

Facts are facts, the Wii U is underpowered compared to the Xbox 360 and PS 3 and with new consoles on the way, there is no reason to buy a Wii U as you can already get a better system performance for less money from the consoles that are currently on the market.

yabhero2319d ago

Dude... Wow just wow.
1 WiiU is More powerful than PS3. Can PS3 run a NATIVE 720p tv image and a 480p controller at 60 FPS... Also WiiU being underpowered is not a fact since we don't know the power yet...
2. 3DS has out sold Vita for ever week since vita launch except for launch week. Even during the time when 3ds wasn't doing well it did better than vita
Proof right there...
I like vita, but dude u sound braindead. On average weekly 3ds has been outselling vit 2:1, usually something like 170,000 ( 3ds) to 70-80,000 (vita) even in the usa


I completelly agree with you, the guy have been living under a rock, but... VG chartz link followed by "proof right there"? I'm hoping this bit is sarcasm.

Biggest2319d ago

WiiU is MORE POWERFUL than PS3. Can PS3 run a NATIVE 720p tv image and a 480p controller at 60 FPS... Also WiiU being underpowered is not a fact since WE DON'T KNOW THE POWER YET..

I wonder if yabhero enjoys his awesome sense of wtfdidIjustsay? as much as I do.

killerhog2319d ago

It's called remote play, try it. Ps3 and the vita can easily do/did what the wiiU can. I love the six axis boomerang control during the batman showing for the wiiU, where did I see that before though? Oh right my ps3 six axis controller.

ChickeyCantor2319d ago

" I love the six axis boomerang control during the batman showing for the wiiU, where did I see that before though? Oh right my ps3 six axis controller."

Aren't you forgetting the Wii-mote?
Kinda desperate call there buddy.

yabhero2318d ago

@ biggest
Yes I do...
The ps3 can't stream to multiple vitas and the vita helps with some of the load because it has it's own CPU and GPU unlike the WiiU, nit to mention it's not a dedicated controller, probably more expensive than WiiU (ps3+vita) and every game won't be designed to use it...

killerhog2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

What desperate call? That batman came out for the ps3 first and utilized that feature first? The desperate call was you brining up the wii controller lol. Really what has that thing done since its release?

ChickeyCantor2318d ago

Six axis didn't that concept first.
That stuff has been Incorporated in many wii games.
So really your point makes little to no sense.

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Servbot412319d ago

Are you kidding me? The Vita has been getting outsold worldwide by the Wii and the PSP weekly. In fact, the only thing the Vita is outselling weekly worldwide is the original DS. It barely makes a third of the sales the 3DS does.

Trunkz Jr2319d ago

Doesn't matter what true facts you throw the PS fanboys will disagree with you.

Hisiru2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

I am sorry for being rude but youre acting like a fool.

beerkeg2318d ago

How can you trust an article made by someone who comes out with this?

'The Vita has outsold it since it has launched.'

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Garethvk2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

All I am saying is that I have had extensive hands on time with the Wii U and I can tell you for a fact that I have yet to see any graphics that come close to the 3D graphics on the PS 3 or graphics of the Xbox 360. While it may have the hardware to do so, there is no 3D power of Uncharted 3, no scope of Halo 4 anywhere on any title announced for the system. I said that once the Vita has a price drop it will begin to sell more units as it is a better system. The fact that two third party companies told me that the system is constantly undergoing design changes is a red flag as this close to shipping, there should not be so many radical changes that cause developers of accesories to have to hold the line to wait for spec changes. Both developers said it was very unsual for so many changes this late in production.

live2play2319d ago

uncharted came in how late in the consoles life?
halo 4 came in how late in the consoles life?
comparing those games to wii u's LAUNCH TILES (ESPECIALLY PORTS) is rather silly of you

and ive read plenty reviews that rave about how gorgeous pikmin 3 looks

YEA ITS NOT HYPER ULTRA MEGA REALISTIC and not BILLIONS OF LIGHTYEARS AHEAD OF THE PS3 (at this poiny in its life, go back in time for ps3 launch games)

Swagman23212319d ago

The fact that we can compare games at the end of 360 and PS3's life cycle to even launch titles of a new console is pretty sad. When X360 and PS3 came out all the games looked better then the previous generations games, and you can flame me all you want, but that is a fact. It should be worrying to people that these games don't look noticably better even if it has more power, those games don't look any better. What happens when the PS4 and Next Xbox comes out and absolutely wipes the floor with Wii U? No ones gonna care about Wii U except the Kidtendo fanboys and they won't be enough to save this thing. The ONLY reason Wii did so well was because of the gimmicky controller. It's not gonna be good

live2play2319d ago

just like the vita was gonna come out and wipe the floor with the 3ds?

''the ONLY reason wii did so well was because of the gimmicky controller''

guess what? the wii u HAS ANOTHER GIMMICKY CONTROLLER so it will also do well by your logic

KwietStorm2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

Uncharted came out a year after PS3 did. Wouldn't exactly call that late, but I see your point. As to the other side of the argument, regardless of how early it is, I have seen nothing at all that even suggests the Wii U is powerful. Even if it does have muscle to flex down the line, as others have echoed, it's not going to have much time to shine before the competition comes out with undoubtedly more powerful consoles. I've said before that if Nintendo truly wants to capture the hardcore market, then they have to do more about it and stop with the traditional coy nature of their information sharing. The damn thing releases in a few months, but we still don't have an exact date,a price, specs, nothing. Obviously I don't have to buy one immediately, so I would have time to find these things out, but it doesn't change the fact that to this point, I have zero reason to be interested in taking half a step between generations.

StarCSR2318d ago

It's not like Perfect Dark or Kameo come close to the graphics we're seeing now. And don't forget that they had the shift from SD to HD as a plus. Something that isn't a factor now. There is now big technological leap this generation. So it's normal that launch games of the new gen are comparable to games of the current gen at the end of the lifetime of the console.

yabhero2318d ago

How about you actually look at launch titles like ridge racer 7 which doesn't look much better than gran turismo 4 or games like bully that were just ported over to Xbox 360 from ps2. Launch titles never reflect ghettos power of a a console. Also I love when people say most Nintendo fans are kids when they are really adults who were raised on ninty as kids. The fact is games like the last of us and beyond didn't come for ps3 until 2012/2013. Those max out ps3 I'm sure and that took 6 years, WiiU has a lot of time...
I hopes fanboys aren't disappointed when ps4 and NextBox come out, sure they are going to be more powerful than WiiU but the general census seems to be like they are going to be 10 x more powerful than WiiU when we don't even know the power of any of them...

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live2play2319d ago

undergoing design changes COULD BE A GOOD THING
nintendo has been listening to developers and working with some to try and improve the system

and red flag this close to launch?? its not like some wii u's willl be shipped more powerful than other wii us because nintendo couldnt decide......??

seriously man use your head

AO1JMM2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

Underpowered my pasty white [email protected]&!.

AO1JMM2319d ago

"i have extensive hands on"

And I am the king of England.

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TheRealist2319d ago

who cares how strong it is? its a nintendo console so all the games will be child friendly from them & little to no adult games from anyone else.. The only difference is less ppl will buy wii u.. Kids will destroy the tablet w liquids, scratches, & permanent smudges.. The tablet absorbs power from the console lowering framerates.. If u like nintendo, then hey more power to u finally getting HD games.. If not, in a year the power houses will arrive with new development

Smokingunz2319d ago

I agree with this article! Nintendo should stop being cheap and just put the money up and make a future proof powerful system to combat the 720 and p4. I won't be getting a wii u a d this is coming from a nintendo fan. It's time nintendo grow up and stop making games for themselves and making stupid decisions! This has been going on since the n64 days. Step it up nintendo. Lighting won't strike twice with nintendo.

Garethvk2318d ago

Thank you, you hit it exactly on the head. The have a golden chance to be an innovator insted of an imitator with this console and they are holding back again and not giving gamers the experience they want or deserve. Look at the booth video we posted from E3, you can see the games in action. Fun, sure, but cutting edge, not even close.

live2play2317d ago

not giving gamers the experience they want?

pretty graphics is not an experience!!! get that through yout bald head

games that are basically interactive movies is not an experience i want

new ways to play is an experience

not adding more polygons

live2play2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

and making a console with prettier graphics is NOT INNOVATION

get that through your head

better graphics does not equal innovation

you people think coming up with new ways to shoot people and looking better and more realistic while doing it is innovation

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