Lost Odyssey DLC available to all

Contrary to the inaccurate article published earlier, GamingAngels reports: "Everyone can take a breathe and relax. If you are really looking forward to Lost Odyssey, then pre-order it so you can get the extras from day one. Otherwise, you will be able to get the extras from Xbox Live Marketplace later in the spring."

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Iron Man 24666d ago

Lost Odyssey will do just as good as Blue Dragon and Two Worlds on the Xbox 360,not very good:/

wageslave4666d ago

According to vgchartz; Blue Dragon has sold about 1/2 Million Copies. Not bad at all. Famitsu gave it 37/40, its currently got 7.8 / 10 on Metacritic.

It's a niche game, but for people interested in ERPG, its pretty respectable.

Regardless, this is about Lost Odyssey, and it was created by Sakaguchi-san, an it is *also* being well recieved.

Dont be a hater.

Iron Man 24666d ago

Sales don't make a game better*cough*Halo 3*cough*

socomnick4666d ago

Im buying it day one haven't played a jrpg in a while they are ok.

wageslave4666d ago

I'll be getting it Day 1 too.

Skerj4666d ago

Still don't like the character designs, but I'm hoping the story carries it.

wageslave4666d ago

So, after we had this:

Story from the Sony fanboy's at was CLEARLY fabricated to be inaccurate.

Remmeber that fcuking story? It said: "Microsoft has created an added incentive to pre-order Lost Odyssey: if you don’t pre-order, you don’t get the full game."


Good work Sony Fanboys at N4G, 146 comments and 1120 Deg. of TOTAL FCUKING BULLSHIAT. So, I'd just like to say: "Suck-it" to the following:

solidt12 - 15 Jan 2008 20:18
"Agreed. That is a terrible way of doing business. I hope this isn't true because they are just oing to pi$$ off potential buyers."

AzaziL - 15 Jan 2008 21:31
"This is more like shooting yourself in the foot before you even get into the fight, even if this game were to have high scores, people would still avoid it knowing that if they didn't intend on getting it before, they'll never be able to play the full game. Idiots."

ELite_Ghost - 15 Jan 2008 22:17
"IF YOU DON'T PREORDER! you get half the game!!"

robbo918 - 15 Jan 2008 22:50
"The bad part is that once they game hits the market you can't pre-order it so if its true you can only get the full game now, buy it later on the shelf and you will never have the full game".

MK_Red - 15 Jan 2008 20:03
"I hated how some in-game items like weapons and cars in other games were pre-order only for but this one goes beyond it. Hopefully there isn't much story on that dream chapter."

Chad Warden - 15 Jan 2008 20:08
"And now here's Microcrap. Being lame again. First they rush all of their GOOD exclusives in 07 being left with nothing exciting at all for 08, and now this. The game already flopped in Japan. I expect it to flop EVEN MORE now after this decision."

THE ABOVE comment has an astounding " Agree(10) | Disagree(2)"

-WulF- - 15 Jan 2008 20:16
"uggh freakin Microsoft... you know, i really dont understand why people keep buying from these guys... hasnt everyone learned already over time that Microsoft is a horrid company? I mean sure they started out nice, but then they built a bad habbit of making sh!t for hardware and software (*ehem* Vista) while at the same time charging ridiculous ammounts of money for every little thing they can think of (*ehem* Live Marketplace, add-ons for 360, media center, etc), and lets not forget of course ripping off other companies' ideas and dubbing it their own... I'm so over Microsoft, they officially SUCK in my book.

**Agree(5) | Disagree(1)**

Kermit5 - 15 Jan 2008 21:00
"Shaftage alert,shaftage alert!"

And on and on and on and on.

Anyone who actually had any sense in their head -- AND NOT THE ABOVE SONY FANBOY LOSERS -- were saying, "No, this is extra content", "No, its already said this will be available later on XBLM as DLC"

And the N4G Sony Defence Force just kept, in short, you can all apologize for being ridiculous now.

Whoooop4666d ago

you actually wasted energy on that??? haha wow

you need some fresh air asap.. maybe go to an arcade game room at least.


Bladestar4666d ago

Bubbles for you... it's always good to remind people who are the losers who are quick to talk crap just to be proven that their comments are as good as dog poo.

joten4666d ago

Hey idiot, just because people don't like Microsoft doesn't mean they are Sony fanboys. There isn't one message in that life-wasting wall of quotes that mentions Sony. Your the M$ fanboy to believe that everybody would think they are the perfect company.

Making people buy DLC to know what's going on in a game is stupid. It's like making you buy the final level of a game to be able to beat it.

vilmer4666d ago

The game should be fantastic regardless. Microsoft must've paid some big bucks for a high-end JRPG on their console.

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