The Stairwell is the Scariest Game I Have Ever Played

Horror games are a popular, yet debated genre amongst gamers. Much like horror movies, one movie might be terrifying to one person and a Disney movie equivalent to another. Either way, we all enjoy a spook from time to time, and games are the perfect format to deliver that. Blake from shares with us the scariest game he's ever played.

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Snookies122319d ago

Lol, I walked for like 15 minutes without anything happening. I knew I'd heard there was some scary stuff in it, but I got a little bored after a while of just walking down stairs.

Jormungandr2319d ago

I'm with the author on the state of scary movies and such.

That said... I screamed (like a man... i swear... men scream... some times...) when the white masked dude showed up.

The second time I decided he was like the rest of things I had run into (a bit disturbing but otherwise harmless) and I should just press on through. WRONG.

Must say... I'm impressed.

BlakeA2319d ago

Dude, seriously. I got to a guy who yelled at me not to look at him, then i totally looked at him. :(

BraveToaster2319d ago

I remember playing this game a few months ago. It's pretty spooky.