The 5 Most Innovative Items of E3 2012

Sure, this year’s E3 was nothing to write home about, but that made the truly innovative items stand out even more. In this case, innovation can mean anything from a game mechanic to a new piece of gadgetry that changes how a game is played. Without further ado, here are the five most innovative things from E3 2012.

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WagFanger4369d ago (Edited 4369d ago )

Some impressive stuff shown

DwightOwen4369d ago (Edited 4369d ago )

1. Scripted, scripted, and oh yeah.. did I mention SCRIPTED? You can program NPCs to elicit certain reactions when a gun is being pointed at them.

2. Hacking doesn't make up for all the mechanics Ubi has ripped off from other games.

3. It remains to be seen whether the Wii U is truly innovative or just a gimmick.

4. Nobody will actually use it, but yeah, go ahead with it anyway. Whatever brings you to bankruptcy the fastest.

5. The least "innovative" of them all. Dreamcast did it more than 10 years ago with PC, and WoW has allowed PC and Mac users to play together for several years now. This is more of an "in-house" accomplishment than anything.

Outside_ofthe_Box4369d ago (Edited 4369d ago )

***"Scripted, scripted, and oh yeah.. did I mention SCRIPTED? You can program NPCs to elicit certain reactions when a gun is being pointed at them."***


No sh** Mr.Sherlock. Anything and everything having to do with the AI is programed into the NPC by the developer and always will be. People are throwing around the word scripted as if the word won't exist tomorrow.

The fascination of the AI stems from the complexity of it. The way some of the animations occur and the way the NPCs behave and react have never been done before.

Menashe4368d ago

I don't get your point about the scripted AI. The point is that the scripting is impressive, nothing less.

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Sciurus_vulgaris2d ago

I lost my drive for collecting physical games due to many discs lacking the whole complete game. Instead, of collecting games I started collected figurines.

Popsicle23h ago

I am a collector have a room dedicated with a couple original arcade cabinets, physical game library, old and new consoles and controllers backlit with LED lighting. It’s very cool to have but with emulation being so strong and prevalent, I sometimes feel foolish because the hobby is expensive and like another said, the full game is not always on the disc. Could probably spend more wisely but I enjoy it.

shinoff21838h ago

Most games are usually on disc still. Of course you got you publishers that are hit and miss, Activision, ubisoft, ea, Microsoft, where the rest of the game needs downloaded.


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Rangerman12082d ago

Thought I was the only one who remembered Trinity lol very underrated

Yui_Suzumiya1d 9h ago

WET and Quantum Theory were both phenomenal

P_Bomb1d 7h ago

I remember Stranglehold! One of the first DLC packs of its time. A bit expensive, but cheap by today’s standards.

Chocoburger1d 6h ago

Another PS3 hidden gems list, and yet again Time Crisis 4 and Time Crisis Razin' Storm get snubbed. Such fun games, that shouldn't be forgotten. If only we got a home port of Time Crisis 5: Mastermind Edition.

-Foxtrot21h ago

WET is something I wish they'd remake, they had so many great ideas but not all of them were executed properly

It had a lot of potential

Also Wanted Weapons of Fate is another game that had some new fun gameplay ideas.

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