How Many Digital Games Can the Wii U Hold (without external space)? Let’s Find Out!

eShop Gamers takes a look to see exactly how many games can be held on the Wii U's 8 GB of flash storage space.

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Shok2319d ago

It supports external harddrives. Why do people keep ignoring this fact lol?

MarteenGreen2319d ago

Yes, it does. I mention that, but this article is to see how many games it can hold WITHOUT the need of external space :)

Shok2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

Sorry man, I didn't read it. This is like the 20th article related to this topic matter and in all of those they completely ignored the fact that external HDD's are supported, so I assumed this was just another one of those articles lol.

Props for not being ignorant lol.

Hisiru2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

I know the article is all about a WiiU WITHOUT external space, but if people want more space they will just buy an external drive, which makes this article useless (sorry if I am being rude or something).

Also, we don't have official info (it's just rumour) that Nintendo will release a 8gbs version and nothing more.

This 8gbs version (if true) is probably just to make people buy 1~5 digital games (not retail games), some apps like Netflix and if they want more, they can buy an external hardrive. Maybe Nintendo is trying to introduce the Wii owners to the digital downloads with a good price for the WiiU (thanks to the small 8gbs storage) and consumers will be able to decide if they want more. I know the Wii also had digital downloads, but I don't think it was very successful.

Some people paid for a 320Gbs PS3 or x360 but doesn't even have an internet connection.

But yes, I think they should have some other options for consumers.

vickers5002319d ago


Yeah, they do need more options. I'd pay more for a model with a large, internal hard drive (not flash), something like 160+gb.

Hisiru2319d ago

I agree but I actually want more than 160GBs (because you need to install data for some games nowadays).

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Waddy1012319d ago

External HardDrives are an extra payout for those that don't already have one/have one that they would mind using plugged into the WiiU.

dark-hollow2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

i still think they should bundle a HDD with one of the WII U SKUs.
sure for me its not a deal breaker and the support for external HDD is awesome but it still a minor inconvenience.

MarteenGreen2319d ago

I agree on some level, but having different models at launch might confuse the "casual" people or something. Not putting an HDD into the system saved money, reducing the price of the system, so more and more people could buy.

I don't really mind.

--Onilink--2319d ago

yeah, i think the same but it looks like Nintendo is really trying to save cost everywhere. This, plus the slighty better than current gen graphics is what keeps telling me we will see a $250-$300 system, which is just what they need to retain that broad market value

Pushagree2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

Not having a HDD means the wii u isnt even current gen. Nintendo cheaps out again.

TheRealist2319d ago

it will need a external HDD almost immediately.. resulting in the wii u costing a bit more for ppl.. 500gb is around $100 give or take.. add that to the rumoured $300 & it gets deep.. Nintendo needs to show whats under the hood so ppl can know what theyre paying for

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WagFanger2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

Don't justify it with the external hard drives excuse. Running games off a USB hard drive is going to be much more sluggish than running off internal memory.

I'll be waiting for a later model with a decent amount of storage.

--Onilink--2319d ago

USB speeds are faster than disc reading speeds, and i suppose you dont complain about playing games from a disc right?

WagFanger2319d ago

Completely ignoring the fact the article, and my comment, was about digital download games.

Good luck playing those off a disk

--Onilink--2318d ago

im not ignoring the article, im talking about your comment. You are saying that running games from a USB hard drive is sluggish, yet im sure you have always played games from a disc and not complained. So why would it bother you to play a game from an external drive with faster speeds than the games you normally play

WagFanger2318d ago


You're going back to disk games AGAIN. Believe it or not, a lot of disk games have installs to speed them up too.

Well, regardless of your view on this, I still hold that 8GB is NOT enough memory to be adequate, and we should not have to have external HDD just to store any decent amount of stuff.

Ck1x2319d ago

Well not only does it have the usb HDD option but we're not even sure if it comes packed in or not with a SDHC card packed in with the system. Which seems like the most probable option here, since you can get a 16gb card for $11 and a 32gb for $16. So Nintendo could very well include 32gb of expansion memory for probably what only costs them a few bucks maybe.

MarteenGreen2319d ago

True, true. And Nintendo might even brand their own flash drives to sell or something.

HalfNerdHalfAmazing2319d ago

Gamers love to judge Nintendo but when there a new Zelda game that's when everyone wanna show love.

MySwordIsHeavenly2319d ago

Not me. I don't think Zelda is that special. Release it as a $15 download on the PSN or XBL...and it will get good reviews. Release it on disc for $60 on PS3 or 360...and you'd get slammed with mediocre reviews.

Zelda gets a free ride every single time.

NeoTribe2319d ago

Prolly gonna sell external wii drives with a touchscreen on it.