The Ten Commandments of Online Multiplayer

We've all run into them...the smack-talker, the singer, the kid talking to someone in the same room as him for all the world to hear. Cassidee from sounds off on mutliplayer etiquette and delivers the Ten Commandments for us to live by.

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Commodore2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

I do #1....not because I screw up, but because they straight up suck. We could still be winning and I'll yell at them. I strive for perfection, not just from me...but from my teammates as well.

And I do #8. If someone is being a douche bag (like joining an NHL 12 lobby and not picking a side or quitting when they don't get the position they want (which then leads to everyone quitting)) I let them know.

If they cheat or exploit something, I let them know....Then they have the balls to say I'm the doucher or that I suck because they just cheated. All I wanna do is play the game the way it was meant to be.

black9112319d ago

I just hate someone playing loud
Music especially in a team game.