David Jaffe Provides Inside Scoop On Upcoming Title (Interview) - E3 2012

"David Jaffe, one of the few legends within the gaming industry to have delivered an experience as epic as God of War and Twisted Metal, was in attendance at this year's E3 Expo to speak with the various gaming icons on opportunities with his new venture. Separated from the company he co-created with Scott Campbell, Eat Sleep Play, David Jaffe is set to venture a new path and deliver a revitalized experience that has failed to appear within the industry."

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jsslifelike2373d ago

Can't wait to see what Jaffe does next!

Rabidgummibear2373d ago

I'm wondering how he will do the Free to play stuff exactly since he hates it. Maybe it will be a well done free to play game actually.

Ultr2373d ago

I want something complete from jaffe, what was the last game that was complete? god of war 1? c'mon, twisted metal was a the state they released it.

Gridloc2373d ago

He cried about calling all cars and Sony allowing five downloads. No it's free to play... He seems to leave projects because he knows they suck but said in the interview that tweeking twisted metal is something they ( he said we ) can still do? His 3 months of trying to fix twisted metal are over... How's that "we"? Good luck on the next game!!!