Whats Up with Wii U Nintendo?

This is a breakdown of the Wii U and why Nintendo needs to do more to push the Wii U.

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Amazingmrbrock2416d ago

every message to be checked by a nintendo employee? What is this 1985?

dark-hollow2416d ago

not "message" like the ones you send to other people, but rather the comments that are posted on the miiverse.

and for a good reason, do you like it if some asshole spoiled a game for you?

Amazingmrbrock2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

Sure whatever message comment it's text that other people see, internet people and semantics I tells ya. Yeah but we have like computers and stuff that should easily be able to do that. My point is the physical need to have an actual person doing those things is ridiculous.

Fierce Musashi2416d ago

I think you mean 1984. ('-' )
And trust me, it's already here...

Amazingmrbrock2415d ago

Well yeah... but I did actually mean 1985 as in the time before we had super cheap easily accessible computers that could do almost anything more efficient than a person. Especially checking comments for swear words.

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Queefy_B2416d ago Show
TheRealist2416d ago

In the begining i was so pumped for this system but now im just not interested.. BLACK WII U & NEW PRO CONTROLLER!! i was so excited only to be left shaking my head with disbelief.. the facebook like social network looks cheap but i love the fact u can suspend gameplay to use it & video calls but i dont have friends that play nintendo games so i wont get use from any of that

xCaptainAmazing2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

Nothing has upset me more about this E3 than the realization that Nintendo as a company may be completely incompetent. Studios: A+, Concept: A+, execution thus far: F. I'm a big fan, but they seem like they're really losing touch.

Give me a reason to believe.