The Venerable PS2 is Still a Great Gaming Option

1/18/2008 - Victor Paul Alvarez of Eatbaynewspapers writes:

"Please don't hold it against me. And while you're in a forgiving mood, forgive yourself if you haven't checked out this stellar system either. Last week I told you of the virtues of the original Xbox. Now it's time to take a look at the PS2. There are still people out there who haven't played Sony's most popular machine. Right now is the perfect time to get in on it."

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joemomma4668d ago

The ps2 is a great choice for any gamer who doesnt want to spend alot. The ps2 shall live on another year.

kevoncox4668d ago

This is funny as hell...
You just made my day. I love how this place has alter egos.
Evil Zhuk loves the

Iron Man 24668d ago

The PS2 is the best gaming console ever made(great games and more games are STILL on the way for the PS2!)and will continue to dominate,the PS3 will follow the PS2's footsteps and will come in first this generation,there's no denying that with all the great games that are coming out in 2008 and on,all Sony needs is another pricecut and the PS3 will outsell the Xbox 360 and maybe even the Wii on a monthly basis not just worldwide,but even in North America!

Anyways,I wish the PS2 the best of luck,you have served me well my old friend*tear*

Adamalicious4668d ago

You can't beat the PS2 on price or game catalog, or game catalog price for that matter.

kevoncox4668d ago

The Snes was the greates system ever made. Perharps you weren't around then.

Best first party company - Nintendo
3rd parties in their prime:
Square, Capcom, Enix,

Best RPGs, Best Puzzle games, Platformers, Fighting games...

Shall i go on?

PS2 couldn't lick the b*lls of the snes.

joemomma4668d ago

Im really sorry but the ps2 is usually sited as the best console ever made. There is a "top 10" list somewhere and it has ps2 as #1.

Iron Man 24668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

Right...*rolls eyes*

The snes was a good console at the time I must admit and I did own one,but comparing it to the PS2 is NOT fair!

Raupet4668d ago

Fully agree the Snes is the best console yet, with either ps1 or ps2 on second. Neither playstation has IMO gotten close to catering the kinds of games I like/love like the Snes.

There's always a chance that I'm living on a bit of nostalgia, but oh well. I can still pick up and play most of the Snes games I liked back in the days and I still find 'em great, if not better than then ^^

*goes and plays Chrono trigger

IntelligentAj4668d ago

As much as I love the SNES, I would say the PS2 is better. There is no arguing that the SNES had the most classics(though this might change as people get older)but the PS2 has had some of the greatest games in just about every genre.

kevin11224668d ago

i think kevin says that because he has something against sony, but everyone with some degree of smarts knows the ps2 is considered the best system ever.

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big04668d ago

Man what if Sony and Nintendo would have stayed partners. I have to say the ps2 and ps1 are tied at #1 every genre was full of great games.