Indie Developer Analysis - 3rd Element Studios

Indie developer 3rd Element Studios are currently working on their title "Descent: The Uprising", their team Specialize in creating unique and realistic environments using Unreal Technology, as such have turned their tallents towards creating an action / adventure game that not only focuses on puzzles and story but doesn't neglect the action part either. Check out some of the screenshots* below as we take our first look at what it is 3rd Element Studio's have been up to.

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MoreConsole2320d ago

This looks extremely promising.

guitarse2320d ago

I'm going to run through the early demo tomorrow if I can, got a few more indie devs emailed me this evening too (this devs friends I think lol) saying "hey will you cover our project... being the nice guy I am, I said of course I will :D

Expect updates asap.

MGregory6662314d ago

Were looking forward to seeing your thoughts on Demo 1.0

Were currently cutting together a new trailer and you can also expect Demo 2.0 to be available in September.

Your thoughts and feedback are truly invaluable to us as it allows an insight as to what gamers really want to play :-)