Rumortoid: Frontlines: Fuel of War canceled for the PS3?

PlayStation 3 gamers looking to pick-up THQ's first-person shooter, Frontlines: Fuel of War, may be in for some disappointment.

According to a tip Destructoid received from a GameStop employee, the retailer has confirmed in a store-wide email that the title has been canceled for the PlayStation 3. Destructoid were able to confirm this email with their own GameStop sources, although no reason was given for the cancellation. also no longer lists the title for pre-order, further indicating the game's demise.

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sonarus4668d ago

guess that means ps3 owners just won't play it at all. Already played demo on xbox and the game is crap as far as i'm concerned. Just another game bringing nothing new to the table. Way to many games for me 2 even consider this for any console

socomnick4668d ago

Sonarus the demo was a sp demo I also hated the demo. This is a primarily mp game so I wouldn't judge it just yet.

zambrota4668d ago

i played the demo on LIVE and its SHEER GAR*AGE

cancel the xbox 360 version too.

we dont need it since we have Gears and Halo3 and we will have Gears 2 and Farcry 2(also on PS3) as well.

No ps3 or xbx owner should buy the shi*y game.

People just play the demo before purchase. It is totally underwheleming

kevoncox4668d ago

The game ssucks...
MP will not save it. The animaton is terrible, graphics look good then bad then good again. The control of the cars suck. Just say no.

kevoncox4668d ago

The game ssucks...
MP will not save it. The animaton is terrible, graphics look good then bad then good again. The control of the cars suck. Just say no.

C_SoL4668d ago

PS3 owners have something else to look forward too....example:look at my avatar....

TheIneffableBob4668d ago

There's a multiplayer open beta going on right now. I suggest you check it out.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4668d ago

Can you play it without windows though?

Here's your stupid Droid sign.

PS MS would like to thank your for your purchase of Windows (a MS product) so you can play this great game on the PC

When will you dumb ass droids learn?

PS3 all Sony products

DS all Nintendo products

Windows all Microsoft products

moron of the day goes to.... Blademask, congrats bro on your new award :)

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socomnick4668d ago

:/ Did they give a reason for it being canceled ?

C_SoL4668d ago

this game is sh*t & it would look sh*ttyer on the PS3 ONLY cause the developers of this game don't know how to develop on the tell you the truth i would glad if they would "cancel" this game on the PS3.....PS3 owners know they have a great line up of games this year

jwatt4668d ago

I think they cancelled it to get attention, it's not really cancelled.

neogeo4668d ago

I own a stolen copy of Windows. I will also steel this game from a torrent site. So how am I helping M$?

I could care less about there stupid money I have mouths do feed.
Gates will survive.

resistance1004668d ago

I think the question is. Who in there right minds would pick this up over Call Of Duty 4

zambrota4668d ago

who would buy this over cod 4 /halo3/ut3 and gears

heyheyhey4668d ago

battlefield, haze, KZ2, R2- the list goes on and on

but some people want this game and i hope this rumor gets debunked (given the shady details and "hmmmmm"-style speculations i think it's likely)

Gaara_7244668d ago

yay i bet zhuk its because the xbox 360 is the main attachmint rate and oviously the only real way to make money god ive always wanted to say what zhuk says it feels good lol aa well big lose i will just stream it ppc to ps3 who hoo i dont lose do i?

calis4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

gee I guess we will have to play KZ2 and Resistance 2 and Crysis instead. Poor PS3 owners.

Iron Man 24668d ago

LOL I love your sarcasm!;)

Anyways,FFoW?who gives a sh*t about this game?I have never even heard of this game before,plus we have better games coming our way unlike Xbox 360 gamers which have NOTHING in 2008

Legionaire20054668d ago

What Frontline Fuel of War has? 32 players!!! Resistance 1 and 2 doubles that amount anyway. Killzone 2 will destroy that game with its graphics and gameplay nuff said!!!

The Dark Knight4668d ago

yeah i know how you feel... what are we going to do with kz2 and resistance 2 and mgs4 hmmmmmmmmm

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