The Gamesmen, Episode 76- 2012 Im-prEss3r-tions

Join Lyfeliek, Hardlydan and special guest MurphysLaw for game talk and fun! This time, the Gamesmen do the “takedown and breakdown” of the Big 3 press conferences. Games/topics covered are Halo 4, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Forza Horizon, Tomb Raider, BEYOND: Two Souls, PlayStation All-Stars, God of War Ascension, The Last of Us, New Super Mario Brothers, ZombiU, Xbox Smart Glass, neglected handhelds, and many others!

Featured Music:
Halo 3 – Finish The Fight
Jredd – “Mushroom Madness(OC Remix)”
God of War II – “Main Theme”

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Hardlydan2374d ago

Had a great time recording the show. I think I may have been a little too kind to all three companies.

Jonmau52374d ago

Can't wait to listen to the show, I always look forward to The Gamesmen.

What role will you play?

I chose to play the role of the stressed out student with only a few days left before his exam and podcasts as good as these give him the xp boost to get through it.

Thanks guys.

jsslifelike2374d ago

Thank you, sir! I hope you enjoy this one.

TonyMiller2374d ago

They're always good. I'm looking forward to hearing you all's thoughts about what happened at E3.

jsslifelike2373d ago

Thanks! Hopefully we don't disappoint!

Jonmau52373d ago

Like a bar of Chocolate Hershey's you guys never disappoint! haha!