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gamrReview: "While the game is still in its early stages, and details are scarce, The Elder Scrolls Online seems to be built on a core of MMO staples, overlaid with the rich universe and lore of The Elder Scrolls. More like The Old Republic than Guild Wars 2, the developers aren’t taking risks by playing with MMO staples, and instead fitting The Elder Scrolls into those as best they can. Hopefully more unique ideas will show up when Zenimax Online starts talking about classes. Until then fans of the rich lore of the universe at the very least have much to look forward to."

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naznatips2320d ago

Yeah, I think it will face the same problem The Old Republic did in that it's trying to ride the power of its franchise instead of its game design.

Bimkoblerutso2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

It's sad, too, because an honest-to-god cooperative Elder Scrolls game sounds really, really good. But no, there are just too many ways to squeeze money from consumers in an MMO format.

Hopefully a few very high-profile MMO failures will convince the industry as a whole that not every RPG that sells well needs to be converted into this format.

Drake1172319d ago

Have you read anything about the combat or questing systems of the game? Swtor is losing subs because like you said its gameplay sucks and didn't change one bit from wow but es online is actually doing different things. The fact that this game has the ES brand is hurting it i think. Its causing gamers to hate the fact that its not exactly like ES sp games while all the while they are ignoring alot of good things this game is doing in the mmo department.

Dovahkiin2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

This game saddens me, although I'm happy it's not Bethesda working on it. As then they can be working on Fallout 4/TES VI.

Torillian2320d ago

That's probably for the best, Skyrim is addicting enough without MMO mechanics being added on to that.

Banok2320d ago

huge ES fan but ESO seems completely uninspired, alot like how I was a huge kotor fan but hated swtor.

both these games are taking great single player IP's completely replacing all existing gameplay style for a generic MMO one.

Hence looking forward more to GW2 & planetside.

Drake1172319d ago

ESO is doing most of the things GW2 is, its actually trying to add to the mmo genre rather then just copying wow like swtor did.

Drake1172319d ago

completely agree. This guy makes comparisons between ESO and GW2 then goes on to say the game is more like swtor than GW2. ESO has everything GW2 as well as swtor does and more.

GillHarrison2320d ago

A game known for less than stellar combat gets even worse with MMO limitations. I love Skyrim, but the game needs a serious overhaul in the animation and combat department. As for the Elder Scrolls Online, I see it being an absolute failure.