In U Wii, Netflix movies can be watched on screen control

A preview on how the Wii U's Netflix app, functions.

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eagle212347d ago

WiiU keeps getting better and better as the news rolls out. Nintendo must have felt overwhelmed so they simply highlighted those million bazillion selling software titles coming fall.

TKCMuzzer2347d ago

They highlighted them but unfortunately forgot to show them. If you want to sell me a console then show me what it can do.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2347d ago

You know what this means... the parents won't have to give up the TV to the Latest Kid movie.

or vice versa.

Dovahkiin2347d ago

Portable DVD players.

Although great, it's not like this wasn't achievable before.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2347d ago

True, but this is an extra perk to owning the gaming console you want.

You can get a Blue ray without the PS3.

You can play DVD's without a 360

BUT isn't the option nicer?

GribbleGrunger2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

well, i'll just watch Netflix on my Vita when the TV is occupied; in the same room, in the garden, in the street and on the bus

EVILDEAD3602347d ago

You can watch netflix on your Iphone or table in HD in some cases. And you dont have to leave your console running or be in the same room.

KillerPwned2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

This system is a dream come true for parents who want to watch tv and cannot since their child is playing a game. It always works both ways!

Cannot wait to get one myself.

LOGICWINS2347d ago

Ummm...if in 2012 your household can't afford to have more than one tv in the home, then you probably can't afford a next-gen console like the Wii U anyways.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2347d ago

True but
What if you have to stay in the same room with them?

Infernostew2347d ago


Umm, a computer or iPad?

KillerPwned2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

True but did you happen to think that some families don't like to have more than one TV in the house?

I know a lot of families that have plenty of money but they choose to save their money and only buy one nice TV. Plus the parents don't want their kids stuck in their room all day.

LOGICWINS2347d ago

So families are THAT concerned with saving money, yet they will be okay with the prospect of buying what will potentially be a $300-$400 gaming console that the parents of this particular family will likely never use? Ummm..what?

LOGICWINS2347d ago

"Plus the parents don't want their kids stuck in their room all day."

...yet parents would be okay with their kids being in front of a Wii U all day, on the ONLY household television?

KillerPwned2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

You never know how much they are gonna pay for the console. Plus if your a parent you wanna make your child happy. They want a Wii U for Christmas and you got the money why not get it for them. So what if the parent does not use it or rarely uses it. They are buying it for their child, if you were a parent you would probably understand better. To your above statement its called being a responsible parent and limiting time playing games. I don't see what argument is here so cya.

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mshope102347d ago

hey I can watch Netflix on my 3ds at home when the TV is being watch. right now so we can leave vita out of this.this is a Nintendo story so read it and move sound like jealous asshole when you talk shit!

and maybe people thinks it be cool to watch on a 6.2inch screen not a 5inch guys talked about having the huge screen is so great so having a bigger one for when I'm eating in the kitchen would be great.and its cool what ever screen you use the other gives details about watching.that's a nice bonus everyone will copy!!

mttrackmaster382347d ago

Someone's mad. I don't see anyone talking shit. no need to get that defensive over a video game system.

MySwordIsHeavenly2347d ago

Seriously. Nobody mentioned the Vita. :/

I love Netflix on my Vita, but there are nine televisions in this house to watch Netflix on, so it rarely happens.

That and the Vita has an OLED screen...and the Wii U pad doesn't doesn't look as nice. :)

Why would you watch Netflix on your 3DS though? It is literally the WORST thing to watch Netflix on. The quality is just freakin' horrible!

mshope102347d ago

and what if you kids wants to play wii-u in the living room but that your only big screen now that can play a full HD console in the same room at the same time.if your a gamer and can't appreciate that.

you have to be just a jealous punk.cause that would be a awesome option on any system.

2pacalypsenow2347d ago

every system has netflix there's nothing to be jealous of

jacen1002347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

But only one console system can watch it on its control?
fanboys now will try and dumb down the feature now saying that it can be done on smartphones and ipads and vitas. but this isent the topic here, its about a games console Control Pad being able to .

MySwordIsHeavenly2347d ago

I can communicate Netflix and YouTube between my television and my phone. EVERYBODY can do that. This is not a new idea.

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