Castlevania makes its 3DS Debut in Mirror of Fate | gamrReview

gamrReview: "I know some of you must be worried that bringing such a detail-rich game to a portable may result in a game that doesn’t look all that remarkable, so let me put those fears to rest: Mirror Of Fate features some of the smoothest and most detailed animations I have yet seen on the Nintendo 3DS."

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NukaCola2323d ago

I'm not turned off yet, but the fact that its no a metroidvania title saddens me a little bit. Last one we got was Dawn of Sorrow I believe.

Evildoomnerd2322d ago

Order of Ecclesia and Portrait of Ruin were damn good DS games. You should give them a try.

Hisiru2322d ago

The new castlevania for the 3DS is actually exactly like a metroidvania title. I was worried just like you but I watched the interview and it has full exploration (with a big map in the secondary screen), powerups that will make you access previous secret places etc.

The difference in this game is that you will be able to choose the difficulty (easy, normal, hard etc), 15+ hours of gameplay, harder bosses and some other very cool things.

You should watch the video interview.

Shnazzyone2322d ago

but... it is a metroid-vania game. Just with a substantial upgrade the gameplay has needed for a while now.

2322d ago
Shnazzyone2322d ago

So exited for this. I want it now. Metroid vania but without the sprite based art but full 3d models and gameplay that zooms in for dynamic fighting. Sign me the @#$% up!

ndl15312322d ago

when i heard castlevania for 3ds i was ecited but then i saw the screens and was like meh i tend to stay away from 3d castlevania games . they mostly end up sucking hard .

phantomexe2322d ago

The story for it so far has me all excited. Look how lords of shadow ended which was great.Looking forward to seeing trevor belmont and simon in a CV game again and we get to see the belmont line. I have to say tho i don't care much for alcard but i'm starting to see the bigger story. Been playing CV games since the frist one which was not a ps game.