Worst of E3 2012; Black Ops 2 & Wonderbook

"E3 has come and gone, leaving us with nothing but time to reflect on everything we heard, saw and played. Looking back at it all, it’s hard not to think about what stole the show and what failed to impress. Fellow E3 attendee and JPS’s very own Reviews Editor, Richard Subia, and I took the time to weigh in on which title stood far above the rest and which game failed to meet expectations for us personally." - JPS

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RyuX192319d ago

I say Flo Rida more because Usher at least has some talent, but both really shouldn't be at E3. Infact dance games need to not be at E3.

guitarded772319d ago

I didn't know what a Flo Rida was until E3... now I know he's the poor mans LL Cool J.

WagFanger2320d ago

I don't get the issue with Wonderbook... (?)

They're pushing the Move again, which they've failed to do it the past, it looked like it worked fairly well, and it's a game for kids.

As for drawing a 'simple Z', if you actually watch, it didn't accept the Z to start with because the tutorial narrator hadn't finished giving the explanation of what to do. The woman demoing (who knew what to do next) jumped slightly ahead of what the game wanted.

NukaCola2320d ago

People are haters. This is cool. This would sell millions on Kinect as well. Sony got it right with the family for this. My daughter is going to love this. With all the hardcore exclusives coming out, who am I to be selfish Sony spent 15 mins telling me they also think about the munchkin gamers? I'm going to get one. Who knows what they could come up with. I think the idea of an interactive book like this is really cool. I think it's cool that you can battle monsters that come out of the pages, and create potions and more.

I would really like to see interactive books. I wonder what Disney could do with this. Or maybe a PSN Kingdom Hearts game based around the book for us older gents. I wouldn't rule it out yet. The book seems pretty cool tool.

andibandit2319d ago

All true, but still i wouldve rather seen some new games instead of 20 minutes of wonderbook.

OhMyGandhi2319d ago

I thought Wonderbook looked pretty interesting...

Elimin82319d ago

I agree. The problem was the amount of time spent on the demo...

vickers5002319d ago


Agreed, except for the interesting part. I personally thought it looked boring and uninteresting, but that wasn't the problem I had with it.

The problem I had with it is that they spent WAY too much time on it. You argue they were trying to hype Playstation Move back up? How about instead of showing 20 minutes of wonderbook, they show 10 minutes of wonderbook, and 10 minutes of Portal 2 move support (which is coming), or Little Big Karting move support, or some other upcoming games that have move support? Assuming they needed to show that much of playstation move to begin with, which they didn't (a 2 minute wonderbook trailer would have sufficed).

If they were trying to show their commitment to playstation move and show that it's still not dead, then they should have shown A LOT more than just a SINGLE crappy childrens game. One of those trailers they used to do that was compiled of footage from a bunch of different games would have been better and wouldn't have taken as long, and would have done better to prove to us that ps move isn't dead than Wonderbooks announcement.

morganfell2319d ago

Sony did a live demo with Wonderbook and had some issues. Unlike the Watch Dogs video that was nothing more than engine elements in a video with a guy pretending to play...who apparently couldn't be bothered with hitting the triggers or buttons during the shooting sequences.

When things are done live, particularly with alpha or beta software things may not be perfect. Or at the very least the player doesn't look perfect. Look at the MoH video as well as the Far Cry co-op. Not exactly perfect playthroughs.

But the possibilities for Wonderbook, while not my cup of tea, are fairly expansive.

MrDead2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

The Wonderbook would have been better demonstrated by someone who had never used it as they would have listened to the book and cast the spells when instructed. The lady who demoed the book rehearsed too much and was doing things before she was instructed to.

krisq2319d ago

Yes, the presentation was weak. Yes, Wonderbook seems to be for kids yet, it was adults playing with it on stage. But the concept has so much potential. I know my little nephew will love Book of Spells like every other kid interested in Harry Potter series.

RyuX192319d ago

It was boring that is the issue. It was like 15-20 minute demo on a game that doesn't even look remotely interesting.

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ginsunuva2319d ago

Black Ops 2 looked incredibl......y bad. I had hopes for this one. The mp will probably be decent.

GraveLord2319d ago

Looks like they only included Black OPs 2 to get some hits on their site. Everyone knows bashing COD is the cool thing to do on the internet.

h311rais3r2319d ago

Because its justified....

M1chl2319d ago

I kinda feel same way, I am not a fan of CoD, but what was so bad about BO2, I don't get it.

turgore2319d ago

Anyone who liked Wonderbook is a fanboy.

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