Hitting on the Saints: how sexy becomes sexist

OXM writes: "Heterosexual men of the internet, hear my voice: you are allowed to enjoy the sight of breasts. Ditto thighs, buttocks, hands, feet, ears - whatever floats your sexy boat. Nobody can begrudge you these basic biological rights, any more than they can begrudge you the desire to eat or wear seasonally themed hats. Why, then, should anyone take issue with your ogling the raunchy Catholics in Hitman: Absolution's latest CGI trailer? Where does "sexism" begin? The answer, it transpires, isn't miles off the answer to the Eternal Question of penis length: it's not what such trailers offer - it's what they're doing with it that's the problem."

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WagFanger2325d ago

Well, to be fair: their lack of proper... protection in a firefight was slightly unjustified.

But I didn't find it sexy - it was just bizarre.

I suppose if you're some sort of sadist who likes beating up women and also has a nun and PVC fetish, this will be just the trailer for you!

dirigiblebill2324d ago

Gaming's really bloodthirsty at the moment, for some reason. Pretty much every E3 trailer showed somebody getting inventively killed.

reznik_zerosum2324d ago

well gaming was always about you - killing something,but now with better graphic it just shows more.But i don't believe that gaming is more violent or dumb than any other medium.

dirigiblebill2324d ago

I don't think gaming is dumber than any other medium, but seriously - show me a film expo which focuses on violence as much as this year's E3 did. I'm not saying it's bad, but I think it needs to be pondered.

reznik_zerosum2324d ago

there are many articles and comments now about this subject/video that are very ignorant and hypocritical,i think that this is great video that is 100% IO.Interactive style and 100% Hitman series style.
IO.I made Kane and Lynch and of course Hitman games,both are very violent, cynical and nihilistic - basically in K&L u kill everything that moves and u are bloodthirsty-criminal-psychopa th,in Hitman games u are clone made for only one thing - to kill.Point is that scale of violence in this trailer is kinda expected and its just funny not insulting,cause if u played first four Hitman games u know that world in hitman series is just what this trailer shows - dark,perverse and corrupted in every way,just what game wants to be - satire and parody of our world - and they achieve just that.When i first saw this trailer i wasn't surprised,i was just sure that IO.I are still doing great job and keeping they sense of dark humor like they should.
Nun+fetish is even close to generic compared to some of the "hits" in first four games,but people are mostly mediocrities and very dumb (x100 on internet),and the like to rage and be political correct - but like always,that end up like farce.
One more thing,its funny how people cry when u kill women pixels in games,nevermind is it assassins that wants to kill you or some random hooker on streets of some GTA game - in game when u kill Nazi or women there are no differences.For some reason womens rights/equal to man and stuff got really absurd,this is not only example.
Im only writing this cause i like IO.I games.

level 3602324d ago

What do you mean sexist?, thought it was done fantastically. The idea by the art department of those CGI ladies disguising themselves as nuns and in fetish costumes underneath is simply stunning, independent and well done.

ShaunCameron2324d ago

Man, what's with these feminist dudes?