Sony unveils stunning God of War Omega Edition

Sony has unveiled a limited Omega Edition of God of War with a limited bronze statue of Kratos.

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HammadTheBeast2374d ago


Oh wait, wrong tab. :)

Statue looks awesome by the way, and the artwork it stunning.

I-likeFrenchFood2373d ago

me 2, i love the bronze statue

iChii2373d ago

I'll definitely buy it even tho I have God of War 3, I want those collections and the statue! O:


It was unveiled at E3 Sony conference for Latin America (which happened the day after the main conference if I remember correctly) and it was said to be Latin America only... So you may have to import it.

Me? Finally living in Brazil has paid off! :)

jeseth2373d ago

Yeah ... and all the beautiful women in Brazil!

Solid_Snake372373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

Yeah, seriously! This is the only good gaming related news from Brasil in a long time!! Finally, Brasil and latin america is getting some attention

BISHOP-BRASIL2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )


There's pretty women here? Sure, there isn't there? But the hype is unreal, just like in everywhere else, 90% os the women are not magazine cover material... And quite frankly, I prefer it this way.

EDIT: @Solid_Snake37

Yeah, the collection is good news but I would prefer PS Plus available here... Elsewhere give 12 games for members. COLOR ME ENVY!

Solid_Snake372373d ago


people seem to think that here in Brasil everything is about Carnival and f*cking

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2373d ago
Nimblest-Assassin2373d ago

Is the statue actual bronze, or just bronze painted?

Patriots_Pride2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

Bronze painted which is a shame because if it was bronze I would have bought it.

I dont buy bronze painted stuff because after some time they start to turn black.

Nimblest-Assassin2373d ago


Thats disappointing indeed... I would have gotten this if it was a bronze statue.. but bronze painted makes me wish it was a quality painted statue of kratos in the traditional format

xtremeimport2373d ago

well...i wish i didnt own any GoW games.
i want this..:(

showtimefolks2373d ago

so first i had to get borderlands 2 loot edition for 149 and now this will be minimum 99 most likely 149

but damn sony curse you for a great limited edition but i will happily pay

pre order this if you want one and don't expect pre orders to be open for more than 2-3 weeks just like borderlands 2 it was announced and many were thinking and boom it vanished


This is supposedely only for Latin America, if this is true and you guys have to import, prepare your pockets for a lot more than that.

Two weeks ago a single PS3 launch game costed around 100US$, the simplest collector's editions here easily reach the equivalent of 150 US$, expect worse if it includes multiple games and such a cool statur.

Now couple that with importation costs and the obscene profit people will try to make for such a limted offer and you are looking at what may be as high as 300 US$ GOW Collector Edition.

I really hope it's not just for LatAm though, it's actually cheaper for us here to import from your market.

moparful992373d ago

Well looks like a visit to gamestop is in my future tonight...

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dorron2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

I would have wanted this when GOW III was released. Now, I've gone through rebuying GOW 1 & 2,GOW:COO & GOS. I'm not gonna buy it again, when it is an uncomplete edition if it doesn't have Ascension on it.

Still, a great package for those who don't own the entire saga by now.

PD: By the way, the pandora box edition was way cooler.

MrWonderful2374d ago

"Throws money at the computer screen" Damn you Sony!

SnakeCQC2374d ago

looks great but will cost 200 quid atleast

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