Aliens: Colonial Marines Hands-On Multiplayer Preview from E3 | MediaStinger

MediaStinger: "With Prometheus hitting theaters this weekend, Gearbox and SEGA’s upcoming original Aliens game taking place after the events of the last movie has also been creating a huge amount of buzz. We got a chance to play the game’s multiplayer mode with the boys of EGM on our team and not only did we love every minute of the experience, but we even ended up coming together as a team and kicking some dev team Xenomorph ass."

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DestinyHeroDoomlord2411d ago

Wonder if it has offline mp... That would be awesome with bots


Don't see much interest about this game. Day 1 purchase for me though. I hope it sells well.

ImSoHeavy2411d ago

Looks awesome! Better than Prometheus!